Is Halloween A Holiday in America: Why Halloween Is Considered A Holiday

Is Halloween a holiday in America? The topic of whether Halloween is a holiday or just a day in the region has been a heated topic over the years. Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October each year, which is of course the last day of the month.

Is Halloween A Holiday in America

Is Halloween A Holiday in America

The day of Halloween is one that holds significant importance for both children and adults alike. The day sees children dressed up in both beautiful and spooky costumes ranging from Spiderman to skeleton costumes tricking and treating all over the neighborhood in search of candies. Well, the day is the second largest to Christmas holiday in the US in terms of spending and celebrations alike.

Why Halloween Is Considered A Holiday

November 1st all over the world is a day known as the All Saints Day. This is the day that is set aside to celebrate the souls of the departed saints. The evening before All Saints Day which is October 31st was then known as hallow e’en or Halloween. And I guess you know what celebration is synonymous with October 31st? Well if you don’t, here it is.

The old Samhain festival of the Celts normally is celebrated on the 31st of October. And on this day, locals would dress up in costumes light up bonfires, and also drop food on their doorsteps. Also, they would carve up jack-o-lanterns in the hope of warding off evil spirits and also pleasing them by placing food items on their doorsteps. The old church in a bid to then Christianize the festival Samhain came up with All Saints Day according to scholars.

Halloween like most celebrations in the US has its origins intertwined in both anti-Christian and Christian beliefs. And since Halloween has its origin from both Christian and pagan beliefs and cultures, it is seen as a holiday.

Symbols of Halloween

The holiday celebration is one that is connected with evil spirits. Also, all myths about the celebration point to evil spirits, flying witches, ghosts, black hats, skeletons and so many more. all of these have however evolved as symbols of Halloween. One of the traditional colors of Halloween is black.

Many people think that the reason for this is maybe because the celebration took place at night. A few weeks to October 31st, Americans all over the nation decorate windows of their houses and schools with silhouettes of black cats and witches.

Another symbol of Halloween is pumpkins. And since pumpkins naturally are orange in color, the orange color became one of the colors of Halloween. And carving or making jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins became a symbol and tradition of the holiday one that dates back to ancient Ireland.

The tradition was carried to the US by Irish and English immigrants. Today you will find jack-o-lanterns in the staircases of houses and on the windows also. And when they are kept in the staircases and gardens of houses, it means that that very house accepts visitors including children.

Frequently Asked Questions 

This section of the post states frequently asked questions on the topic for more enlightenment.

Why do Americans call Halloween a holiday?

Halloween has been celebrated for over a millennium. Over the decades, this once-religious celebration lost much of its religious connotations as it became more secular. These days, Halloween is seen as a fun festival for dressing up, especially for kids.

Is Halloween a holiday USA?

Even though it’s not a recognized holiday, children in the US like the traditional Halloween celebration on October 31. For them, it’s an opportunity to dress up in costumes—which typically feature ghosts, goblins, and other “supernatural” creatures—and get candy and other presents from adults.

Why is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween is essentially a celebration with two origins. All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, which are observed on November 1 and November 2, respectively, are their Christian origins. It also has remnants of old pagan customs, especially the Gaelic celebration of Samhain.



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