Diablo 4 Beta Access Now Available – But Only if You Get a Permanent Tattoo

Diablo 4 beta access is now available, and Blizzard is giving away the beta access to dedicated Diablo 4 fans who get permanent tattoos.

Diablo 4 Beta Access Now Available

In the Lead-up to Diablo 4’s release coming next year, the publisher has chosen to offer free Diablo-inspired tattoos as a part of its Hell’s Ink promotional campaign. The event is now running until September 10 and is offering winners of a since-closed social media competition the chance to get a free custom design.

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You can get Diablo IV Beta Access with a Permanent Flesh Mark

Anybody that missed out on this action still gets in on the action, though, through a selection of small, pre-designed flash tattoos. Find the event’s locations and tour dates stated below.

As shared by Blizzard on Twitter, all those that got inked at the promo’s first stop in Los Angeles have gotten a couple more goodies on top. All the participants were offered a card that promised them access to Diablo 4’s upcoming beta and a free digital copy of the game.

“Each Diablo Hell’s Ink Takeover event is expected to feature some of the world’s greatest Tattoo artists working on bespoke tattoos, inspired by the Diablo universe with their own unique art style, for some of the world’s largest Diablo fans,” Blizzard stated in the campaign’s announcement page.

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Diablo IV Permanent Tattoos

Permanently marking your flesh just to get your hands on a free video game might actually seem quite radical. But as promotional tattoos go, the ones Blizzard is offering up here is not half bad. In Los Angeles, the fans were offered a given selection of symbols and insignia to select from, all of which look fairly small and inoffensive. If you happen to be a diehard Diablo fan and want to get a tattoo, this chance is what you do not want to miss out on.

Not all Series Fans will want to commit to an indelible Diablo image, however, and fewer would probably be up for it after the poor reception of Diablo Immortal. In the wake of that game’s aggressive microtransactions that punish free-to-play players, the popular perception of the series has sourced. At least we are aware of the fact that Diablo 4 won’t share its monetization system.

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Cities Offering the Tattoos

The Promotion still is not available everywhere. While it began in Los Angeles on the 16 of July, it’s moving to other cities that is in the United States right before hopping the pond to the UK, Germany, and eventually Australia. They would be stopping in each of the locations for just one day. To get a free flash tattoo, you need to head over to the listed studio on the appropriate day and wait in line. All ink would be available on a basis of first come first served.

Cities offering free infernal tattoos include:

  • Chicago – July 23, Mayday Tattoo Co
  • New York – July 30, Inked NYC
  • Miami – August 6, Til The End Tattoos
  • London – August 13, Noir Ink Studio
  • Berlin – August 18, Das Kabinett Studio
  • Melbourne – September 3, Oculus Tattoo
  • Sydney – September 10, Little Tokyo Tattoo

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