How to Sideload Apps onto the Oculus Quest 2

If you are interested in How to Sideload Apps onto the Oculus Quest 2, then check out this content. Seeing as the Meta Quest 2 has been home to a lot of great VR games, its curated store of titles is just the tip of the iceberg of what the players get to do while in VR.

How to Sideload Apps onto the Oculus Quest 2

If you are interested in experiencing some of the zanier and creative fan-made and indie projects available out there, you are expected to know how to sideload apps right onto the Quest 2. Thankfully, this Guide is here to assist you.

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What You Need

What you need to do this isn’t much, they include:

  • A PC that can install Sidequest
  • An Oculus Quest 2 VR headset
  • A smartphone with the Oculus app installed
  • A USB-C to USB or USB-C cable

How to Sideload Apps onto the Oculus Quest 2

With all that stated, let’s head right into How to Sideload Apps onto the Oculus Quest 2. This step is pretty straightforward.

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Install SideQuest

First, you need to install Sidequest on your PC by heading to the official Download Page. Here you would be presented with two options, although we would recommend you opt for the “easy installer (Beta)” which is found at the top of the page. This version of the app would be installed directly onto your Quest 2 to offer you an in-VR Store to use just like the official Quest Store.

Sign Up to Become a Developer

Sign up to become a developer on the Oculus Quest Website. This would offer your quest 2 the permission it requires to install non-official games like those found on the side quest. As a part of the process, you would be required to accept a development agreement that has terms and conditions that you would want to go through first, and then you might need to verify your account with a phone number or even a bank card.

No payment is involved here, though. It is a free and an easy-sign-up up process – your bank card number would just be a way for you to determine whether you indeed are a real person. As a part of the process, you would also need to come up with an organization name in other to create an organization on the Quest Ecosystem and complete your application to become a developer.

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Enable Developer Mode

On the Oculus mobile app, enable Developer mode. You can do this by connecting your quest 2 headset over Bluetooth and in the headset settings options, you would be presented with developer mode. Tap on this and in the sub menu toggle on the developer mode.

Sidequest Installer

Run the sidequest installer. Once you are set, it is time to boot up the sidequest easy installer. At this point, you would also want to connect your Quest 2 to your PC. You can tell when it is connected, that is when the red dot and “No Headset Detected” turn green and say “Quest Detected.”

If this does not happen or you are faced with another message, we would recommend that you tap on the open setup instruction button, just to double-check that you have indeed followed all the steps required to begin the sideloading.

If it works fine, you can hit the new button on the sidequest home screen “Install Sidequest on your headset.”

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Wear Your Quest 2

Once installed, wear your Quest 2 and head over to VR to sign into sidequest. Head to the library and in the top right corner press where it states “All” and Select “Unknown Sources” from the dropdown menu that pops up. Now you should be able to see sidequest at the top of this menu. Launch it and when you do you would be required to head of to a web browser and sign in using a code at a link.

With your headset and account linked you would get sorted. You would now be able to access all of the sidequest apps from within your headset – no need to make use of your PC or phone to sideload anymore. The first time you do this, you would need to give sidequest permission to install apps to your headset, but it’s just one button press and a switch to toggle and you are all sorted.


Sideloading apps right through the sidequest has some benefits. Just as stated, it offers you a whole load of a new game for you to try out on your Meta Quest 2.

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