A New Witcher Game Has Arrived

A new Witcher game has arrived, and this game could actually last us till we see the launch of Witcher 4. Geralt is but a twinkle in an unscrupulous sorcerer’s eye currently when the new Witcher game commences.

A New Witcher Game Has Arrived

In Gwent: Rogue Mage, a moreish deckbuilding roguelike from CD Projekt Red, you play as Alzur, the infamous mage whose Frankensteinian experiments lead to the very first mutated monster slayers.

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A New Witcher Game Has Arrived

You would not actually benefit from the Swordarms of any of the pirouetting, cat-eyed killers who might grace the Witcher 4, however. As you would join Alzur, his lab is empty of the mutagens he would need to bring his ethically dubious plans to fruition. Your aim in the game is to slice open the throats and bellies of rare creatures and then retrieve their monstrous essence.

Alzur begins each run at the western end of a great valley, while the beast of note – a white dragon, for instance, or an oversized spider nest amount the mountains, forests, or burnt wastes of the far east.

Your aim in the game is to head from one side to the other funneling magical energy from places of power to strengthen your spells, negotiating passages with bridge trolls, and most often, battling the enemies who wish to waylay or enslave you.

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A Roguelike in the Witcher Series

Seeing as this game is a roguelike, your enterprise is not guaranteed. If you lose any battle, Alzur would be sent back to his lab – his very own tail between his legs, and the dragons still firmly attached to its abdomen in a cave that is far away.

While combat remains an abstract affair, playing through the table as a card game, isn’t such a bad thing. Over the seven summers, since The Witcher 3 was launched, Gwent has grown into a deeply tactical and satisfying CCG. This has actually taken small of Hearthstone’s immediacy, filling the field with soldiers and spells that would allow you to strike at cards directly, with a hefty thwack.


Thankfully, Gwent has also retained its USP. The lanes on each side were reduced in number from three to two, but matches still get defined by the interplay between melee and ranged rows as units hop between lanes, transform their fellows, or displace the cards of your enemy.

After just some runs, you even might argue that Rogue mage – and its sister Gwent spin-off, Thronebreaker are the only two Witcher games to possess great combat systems. Sound controversial, but it spends a minute thinking about wild Hunt’s sub-souls counters and dodges and you would know that this content is right.

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