How to Validate My NIN Online

Recently, the Federal government of Nigeria asked everyone to register and obtain their National Identification Number (NIN), the directive also stated that you can register by visiting any nearby NIMC office, after registration, you also need to validate your NIN to ensure it is accurate.

How to Validate My NIN Online
How to Validate My NIN Online

Validate My NIN Online

However, after registration, you don’t have to go through the stress of visiting the NIMC office to validate your NIN again, you can simply do it online and we will show you how to achieve that here. We will guide you on the steps to validate your NIN if you have already registered.

Make no mistake, the validation process is also as important as the registration process. The NIN is an important means of identification and everyone must have one – rich or poor, you must get one – it’s a way to identify you, no two persons share the same NIN. Your NIN, or National Identification Number is unique to you.

After registering to get your NIN, the next step for you is to validate it, and thank goodness, you can do that online or offline but of course, online is easier and simpler – it is also less time-consuming, and you don’t have to spend money to do it, you only need data, which shouldn’t be a problem anyways.

Once you validate your NIN, you can rest, knowing that your NIN is correct and you have completed the process.

In case, you are wondering what the implication of not validating your NIN is; well, you won’t be able to link it to your SIM and you already know how important linking your NIN to your SIM is; your SIM will be disconnected if it is not linked to your NIN.

The government is holding you by the balls – follow our steps to validate your NIN. You can validate it online through the NIN app, it’s available on the Apple store for IOS users and the Play store for Android users.

Before starting the online validation process, make sure you have your eleven-digit National Identification Number (NIN).

Download the Nimc Official Mobile App

Download the Nimc official mobile app and open it, once it opens, you will be asked to enter your NIN, enter it in the space provided for it, and make sure it’s correct. You also need to enter your phone number, the one you used in registering your NIN when you visited the NIMC office. Once done, click on the “next button” to continue.

Receive OTP

Upon clicking “next”, the system will automatically send an OTP to your phone number, make sure the number is active before starting the process. On receiving the OTP, your NIN will be validated.

Congratulations! You have successfully validated your National Identification Number online.

Alternative method – the offline method

In case you try this method and it does not work for you, it means you are among those who got their NIN through BVN. If you are, then you need to go to the NINMC office to validate your NIN.

Go to the NINMC office

Sorry but this is the only option for you now, go to the NINMC office, and once you are there, request the NIN validation form.

Fill out the required fields accurately. Some offices will ask you to make a 4,000 payment, others collect less.

Make the payment and submit your form, once done, your NIN will be validated for you. If you haven’t registered at all, you can register on the National Identification Management website –, the process is pretty simple.

If you encounter any issue whether during the registration or validation process, you can reach out to the NINMC help desk.



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