How to Link Your NIN to your Glo Line

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) recently directed that all SIM registrations must be linked to a National Identification Number (NIN). Glo has now introduced a shortcode to help its subscribers easily complete this requirement. Which is Glo NiN Registration And How To Check Your NiN Number.

Glo NiN Registration And How To Check Your NiN Number
Glo NiN Registration And How To Check Your NiN Number

Glo has stated that all their valued customers can connect their National Identification Number (NIN) to their mobile numbers by sending ‘UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName’ to 109. As an example, you can send ‘UPDATENIN 12345678903 Chidera Abdul-Ola’ to 109.

How To Link Your NIN To Your Glo Line

 To register your NIN with Glo using USSD, dial *109* your National Identity Number, and then press the # key, like this: *109*80123456780#.” Follow the instructions that appear next to submit your details. Afterwards, you should wait for the network provider’s response.

How To Register Your NIN With Glo Using the Online Registration Portal

Glo Nigeria has created a dedicated portal for linking your NIN to your sim. To complete this process right away, visit

How to check NIN on Glo

To check your NIN, simply dial *346#. You will see various options on the screen. Choose option 1 for NIN retrieval, which costs only N20 on your mobile phone network.

The GLO NIN 10X Bonus

  • You can use the Bonus Value solely for calling, browsing, and texting at these rates: On-net at 36k/sec, Off-net at 36k/s, SMS at N4, and Flexi Data Browsing at N10 per MB.
  • GLO will credit the Bonus value to affected customers one hour after they are unbarred.
  • The Bonus value will go to a specific bonus account.
  • The Bonus will remain valid for 7 days from when you first use it.


All network operators in Nigeria must update their subscriber records to include their National Identification Numbers (NINs). You can find useful tips on how to link your NIN to your SIM registration records at

How to  Retrieve Your NIN

To retrieve your NIN, you can dial *346# on your phone. Another option is to visit a nearby NIMC office.

Please note that your NIN is electronically stored on the chip of your National e-ID card and can only be accessed with an authorized card reader. The number printed on your card is not your NIN; it is the Primary Account Number (PAN) used to access your card’s payment feature once activated.

How to Link Your NIN to Your Mobile Numbers using the NIMC Mobile ID App

You can obtain the app at

  • Launch the app and sign in using your security PIN.
  • Click on the ‘My Devices’ button located at the bottom right corner of your app dashboard.
  • Select ‘Add Mobile Number’ and enter the mobile phone number you want to link.
  • Then, enter the OTP sent to that mobile phone number.
  • You have the option to link up to seven (7) mobile phone numbers

How to Get Your NIN

Firstly, if you’re a newcomer to the NIN landscape, you’ll need to register with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). They manage the process of acquiring a new NIN, and it’s quite straightforward.

To do this, you’ll need to visit one of the NIMC centres and follow their guided procedure, which includes capturing your biometrics and filling in your details. Remember to carry any relevant identification documents!

On the other hand, if you’ve registered but your NIN is lost or forgotten, there’s a quick fix.

Simply dial *346# from your registered mobile number to see your NIN on your screen. You can also go to the NIMC portal to find your lost NIN. Now that you have your NIN, you’re all set to link it with your Glo number, the next challenge awaits.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register for Glo on NIN?

For Glo NIN registration using USSD, dial 109 followed by your National Identity Number and then press the # key, like this: “109*80123456780#”. Follow the prompts that appear to submit your details. Afterwards, await the network provider’s response.

What is the code for Glo NIN?

Glo users have multiple options to link their NIN to their phone number. You can either dial *109# from the SIM you want to register, where you’ll be prompted to enter your NIN. Alternatively, you can dial *109*NIN# or visit Glo’s official website to input your NIN details.

How do I link my Glo SIM to Nin online?

The Glo NIN Code for linking is *109#, and it exclusively functions for Glo lines. If you already possess your NIN, follow these steps to submit and link it: Dial *109*NIN# to complete the process.


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