How to Link your NIN to MTN line – Link NIN to MTN SIM through USSD Code

If you don’t want your MTN line to be blocked, then keep reading this post to find out how to link your NIN to your MTN line. What is NIN? NIN stand for national identification number. It is used by the governments of many countries as a means of tracking their citizens, permanent residents and more.

How to Link your NIN to MTN line

NIN is made of 11 unique number generated to assigned to every individual in Nigeria that has successfully applied for their NIN.

How to link your NIN to MTN line

For those who just get the information about NIN, rush and get yours. The procedure for registration has been simplified due to the traffic caused by the mandatory linkage of NIN to your MTN.

A lot of stations around you can help you in the registration process to get your NIN done, even the telecommunication companies have also been permitted to register users who don’t own a NIN.

Keep in mind that the Nigeria communications commission (NCC) made the consequences of not linking your NIN to your SIM card clear, they warned that SIM users who don’t link their line to NIN would be immediately cut-off.

For your sim not to be block, get your national identity number and link you your SIM to avoid story that touched.

How to Register Your NIN

For those without NIN, and want to register, you are welcome. There are different ways to register your NIN, you can register online or visit any telecommunication companies near you.

The following are ways to register your NIN:

  • Open your web browser and visit
  • Once it open, click on “our service” and you will see NIN.
  • Click on the NIN and it will bring out everything about NIN.
  • visit Pre-Enrolment Portal on the same page to download and print Pre-Enrolment Slip.
  • Submit your application at the nearest NIMC registration Centre.
  • NIN issuance.

Fellow this step carefully, and you will get your NIN done so you can link it to your MTN SIM.

How Can I Check My NIN Using USSD Code?

To avoid blockage, MTN on its official Twitter page released a USSD code and URL on how their customers can easily link their line to their NIN as directed by the NCC.

The following are ways to check your NIN using the MTN USSD code:

  • Open your web browser and Dial *346#.
  • Once it open, press 1 to retrieve your NIN.
  • Wait to load, then your NIN will be sent to you.

Once the NIN appear, take a screenshot of the NIN before it disappears to avoid dialing code for the second time.

Also, your telecom provider charges N20 every time you dial *346#, But the NCC and the National identity management commission was asked to remove the N20 USSD fee. It free to access.

How to Link Your NIN to Your MTN Line

You NIN can be link to your MTN link in 2 different forms. However, MTN was the first to set the ball rolling in a tweet, where it stated that it can be done on a mobile phone, laptop, or other data enable device. It can be done through MTN-NIM portal and through USSD codes.

How to Link Your MTN Through MTN-NIM Port

You will need your first and last name, middle name, phone number, national number, and email address to use the MTN online portal.

See the process below:

  • Open your web browser and get the official registration link:
  • Once open, fill in the requirements (First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Phone Number, National Identity Number, and Email address).
  • After you are through in filling the file, click on the submit button.
  • Once you press on submit, you will be sent an OTP on your MTN line.
  • Once you receive the OTP, input it and click confirm to link MTN line to NIN.

Now you can now start enjoying making calls and internet browser without the fear of sim blocked.

How to Link NIN to MTN SIM through USSD Code

If you don’t have a smartphone for an internet device, don’t panic, you can link your NIN to your phone number. To do this, dial *785*NIN#. Your NIN data would be submitted to MTN right now with that code.



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