My Line was Banned from Making Calls – How to Unban your Line

Are you wondering, My Line was Banned from Making Calls? Well, in these scenarios, all may not be what it seems. Phone calls are one of the easiest ways to get a hold of someone or send messages.

My Line was Banned from Making Calls

Usually, if sending notes or messages will take longer, then you should just make a call. It saves time and frankly could even save more money. Also, there is the bonus where you get to listen to the recipient in their own voice to know how they feel.

My Line was Banned from Making Calls

If your line was banned from making calls, it could be due to a technical difficulty. In a scenario that it is not, there is always something you can do. Furthermore, it may be that you do not have enough balance in your cell.

It could also be that your service provider does not support the kind of call you want to make. There are so many reasons why your cell can be banned from making calls. In most cases, it is usually a temporary thing.

Let’s say there is a power outage where your cell service provider works, technically, there may be a few outages and it’s out of the company’s hands. In some cases, the company warns in advance. In other cases, they apologize later. Both ways, your cell service will be back.

How to Unban your Line

The quickest and most common way to unban your line is first of all making sure you know the exact reason your line was banned from making calls. Usually, you can do this by calling your cell service provider’s customer care line. Another great alternative is to go to their nearest locations.

However, you should be warned ahead before your line would be banned from making calls if it is not a technical difficulty. If you were warned, you should resolve the warning as soon as possible. This will prevent your line from getting banned.

In the situation you have no clue what you are being warned about, the best thing to do is contact your cell service provider’s customer care line.

How to Contact your Cell Service Provider

If your line was banned and wish to contact your cell service provider, there may be a few ways you can do that. Below are some of them;

  • Via their customer care line which you should find on the pack of your line or on the line itself
  • Via their online website assuming they have one
  • And lastly, by going to their nearest location or where you bought the line from

Once you come in contact with your line customer care agent, narrate your problems to them and they will help you resolve them. Take note, that you may need a few of the line details before you go ahead to contact your line customer care agent. And trust me, the agents will be nice to you and guide you every step of the way.



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