5 Ways to Link your NIN and Reconnect your MTN Line 

Today, I am going to show you 5 Ways to Link your NIN and Reconnect your MTN Line when it gets blocked by MTN. This is an article I believe everybody should see, especially if you are an MTN user.

5 Ways to Link your NIN and Reconnect your MTN Line 

It is not news that there has been a campaign by the federal government to link your NIN to your sim card. I urge you to take the warnings seriously because very soon, a lot of sim cards will be blocked and some people won’t be able to make calls and do any other activities with their sim cards.

5 Ways to Link your NIN and Reconnect your MTN Line 

I am very concerned about the MTN users because I am an MTN user. For this reason, I have done my research on how to link NIN to MTN. From my research. I found 5 different ways you can link your NIN to your MTN sim. Keep reading to access the information.

How to Link NIN to Your MTN Line

Just as the topic says I will be revealing 5 different ways to do this. Here they are below;

  • Using the MTN NIN portal
  • Via the USSD code
  • The NIMC MobileID Application
  • Visit a Physical MTN Shop
  • Using the myMTN mobile App

Below I am giving a comprehensive description of how you can achieve this with the different options above.

How to Link into MTN Line Online Using the MTN

This process is very easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below;

  • Visit the MTN online portal, nin.mtnonline.com with any browser of your choice, using your phone or your computer.
  • When you get to the home page., you will encounter a form. Fill in the form with the required information ( First name, last name, middle name, phone number, National identification number, Email address ).
  • After doing this, click on submit.

Here you go, these are the very easy steps to link your MIM to your MTN line with the MTN NIN portal.

Via the USSD code 

Another easy method you can use is the USSD code. If you have been using your MTN sim for a while now, you must have gotten the code to link NIN to MTN through a text sent by MTN. However, I am giving you the easy process below;

  • With your Phone and your MTN line, Dial the code *785*your NIN# 
  • After dialing this code, you will be sent a message that will show that you have successfully linked your NIN to your MTN line.

This is the easiest process if your MTN sim has not been blocked yet.

The NIMC MobileID Application 

One other easy step is using the MIMC mobileID app. Read my steps below to know how to do that

  • The first step here is to download the NIMC MobileID application on the Google play store or any other app store that your phone supports.
  • After that, you can launch the application on your phone. On the first page, insert your NIN and phone number. After that, an OTP will be sent to your phone for verification.
  • Once you have verified your phone number, you will be required to create a 6 digit pin. This pin will be needed any time you want to sign into the application.
  •  Lastly, go to the dashboard of the NIMC application and select link my numbers, after that your MTN number in the space given. You can add up to 7 mobile numbers using this application, and you will be required to verify all these numbers.

This step is not just for your MTN sim but for other networks too.

Visit a Physical MTN Shop

This is one of the options to use when your line has been blocked by MTN. All you have to do is visit the nearest MTN outlet close to you. The customer service agents there will attend to you and give you instructions on what to do next.

Using the myMTN mobile App

Before your line gets blocked by MTN, let’s not forget that MTN has a mobile application. with this application, you can connect your NIN to your MTN sim. Follow the steps given below.

  • First off, download the MyMTN mobile app from your phone’s app store.
  • Open the application, then log in using your MTN number. On the home screen, you will see an advert for the MTN NIN. Beneath the advert, click on proceed.
  • On the page that comes next, put your MTN phone number, your email, and your National identity number in the boxes provided. Click submit after that.

These are the steps to link your NIN to your MTN line. Hurry, use one of the steps below to avoid getting blocked by MTN.


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