The PlayStation Portal is Still Very Much in Stock This Black Friday Season

The PlayStation Portal is still very much in stock this black Friday season at many retailers out there, so you better move fast so as to not miss out on these excellent savings. Sony’s PlayStation 5 accessory that allows you to play your games through cloud streaming remotely is becoming a very hot and in-demand holiday item.

PlayStation Portal Black Friday

PlayStation Portal Black Friday

Yes, it is true that not everything this very Black Friday is a super deal. Some items and products, such as the PlayStation Portal, just need to be in stock for shoppers to swipe their credit cards. The new Sony gaming accessory as you should know is already sold out at Best Buy as well as on PlayStation Direct. Meanwhile, other retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon have not even listed the Portal just yet.

Retailers Where the PlayStation Portable Is Still In Stock

That being said, we are still seeing the PlayStation Portal in stock at GameStop at the period and time frame that this was published. And while the product in question is not discounted, the $200 sticker price in question is way better than the $300-plus that we are seeing at the moment on reseller sites such as eBay and StockX.

What Is PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal in case you don’t know is Sony’s $200 PS5 accessory that looks very much like a Nintendo Switch, but it is however not a dedicated gaming handheld. Games stream through Wi-Fi from your PS5 down to the device, enabling you to game in bed, from the sofa, or wherever it is that there is a good connection.

While the streaming quality in question will not compare to when you are actually playing on your PS5 on a TV, it is still very much a good stopgap measure when it is that you can’t game on the couch, for whatever reason you have.



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