The Gunamuna Wearable Sleep Blanket Is Currently 50% off for Black Friday

The Gunamuna wearable sleep blanket is currently 50% off for Black Friday. This favorite sleep slack has helped many households get more sleep during the night and it is selling for $30 right at this moment.

The Gunamuna Wearable Sleep Blanket Black Friday

The Gunamuna Wearable Sleep Blanket Black Friday

My neighbor’s baby was waking up multiple times all through the night while going through a sleep regression, all the while also teething and recovering from viruses. All of these mentioned already combined make it really hard for all of us to get a good night’s sleep, as her son would wake up all the time crying, wanting to be held every couple of hours.

While several visits to the doctor definitely helped with a couple of those things, he however still needed the extra warmth and comfort of being embraced. That is when they decided to try out the Gunamuna sleep sack, which is 50% off for Black Friday at the moment.

Features of This Sleep Blanket

The baby has always enjoyed snuggling up under my neighbor’s Ugg comforter when he wakes up in the morning, so they thought they would try something similar for him to sleep with overnight. The Gunamuna sleep blanket in question as you should know has a down-alternative fill, with a really super soft bamboo rayon layer. The product also has a 2.6 TOG (thermal overall grade) rating, so just so you know; it is designed to provide extra warmth, which is excellent for colder evenings as we now head into winter.

Why You Should Buy This Product

You should know that this product is not usually cheap (as the regular price is $60), but I do think that it has been well worth it. With care and comfort, my neighbor’s baby is now sleeping between 10 and 12 hours every night without even waking up in between. The only downside with this product that I have found so far is that it is hang-dry only and with that, it takes between two and three days to completely dry simply because it’s so thick.



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