Slack Is Set To Introduce Its Own ChatGPT to Your Workplace

Slack is set to introduce its own ChatGPT to your workplace. The company is trying to do this to help your company harness all the power of AI.

Slack ChatGPT Workplace

Slack ChatGPT Workplace

After Slack recently announced that it would be bringing its own conversational tool to its workplace platform, it now seems that there is no escape from AI n the workplace after all.

The online collaboration giant company has now announced that Slack GPT, which is a “new conversational AI experience” that it says, “Will transform how work gets done.”

Slack GPT working along with the customer 360 and Data Cloud platforms from Salesforce, its parent company will look to boost the importance and usefulness of AI for businesses, with apps and services that are directly built into the platform.

When Will the AI Tool Be Released?

There is however no news on a release date as of this moment, but the company has stated that the new native AI will be on offer to businesses from the jump, with tools such as AI-powered conversation summaries and writing assistance on hand simply with a click.

This very tool includes features such as conversation summaries, allowing you to get a quick round-up of all your unread messages on Slack, or getting Slack GPT to sign in to a huddle and then sum up what was said. The AI also will let users of Slack businesses to compose more appropriate customer messages thus distilling content and then adjusting the tone all depending on the receiver.

Benefits and Uses of the AI Tool

Sales teams could also utilize the tools in auto-generating account channel summaries, customer recommendations, as well as prospect messages in a bid to save time and work more efficiently, with marketers are also able to auto-generate copy and images for blogs, email campaigns, social, and advertising just before sharing with their team for faster collaboration.

Service agents on the other hand could help solve cases and then respond to customers faster with AI-generated solutions and responses, and auto-generate case summaries to easily share team knowledge in channels and canvases, and developers could auto-scan channel activities instantly and then summarize root cause analysis, thus saving hours on incident management in the process.

Users also will be able to build no-code workflows quickly in order to allow and embed actions of AI making use of step-by-step simple prompts, thus making it very easy to deploy new AI tools and functions. This however includes integrating popular large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, as well as a hinted-at future Salesforce-built offering.

What the CEO of Slack Has To Say about the New Development

Slack however states there are also “hundreds” of AI apps that will be integrated with the platform, which also will be open to its developer community in creating and building new offerings for any use case.

“Generative AI has enormous potential to redefine how work is done and unlock significant business productivity,” CEO of Slack Lidiane Jones, stated. “The real power of this technology is when AI can analyze and act on the most valuable data from a company’s most trusted resource — its own internal knowledge. Slack GPT is the conversational AI platform of the future, helping organizations easily tap into their trusted customer data and essential employee knowledge so they can work smarter and make smarter decisions faster.”



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