Microsoft Introduces New Windows 11 Photos App Feature

Microsoft introduces new Windows 11 photos app feature. This is one of the many things users have been expecting in regard to the photos app in Windows 11.  The slideshow feature just as you should know is finally making its arrival which is one of the most requested additions to the platform amongst many others.

Microsoft Windows 11 Photos App

Microsoft Windows 11 Photos App

One of the key Windows 11 apps just got an upgrade from Microsoft. The photos application of the tool just got an upgrade that directly applies a nifty new feature as well as a host of other bits and pieces.

The update in question is coming to testers of Windows 11 in the Canary and Dev channels which as you already should know are the two earliest test platforms and it is rolling out right about now.

The main change here is the introduction of a new slideshow mode which as you should expect provides users with a slideshow of their picture collections. Those images in question can be viewed with transitions and animations turned on, or you can even switch them off.

Users should also know that there is an option for background music, with 25 soundtracks to select from across a host of themes such as energetic or chilled with a range to suit any type of mood.

One of the Most Requested Features from the Community

And as noted by Microsoft, the functionality of the slideshow was a “top feature request we received from the community” ever since the new photos app was launched in Windows 11 back in September 2022.

Microsoft also observes and revealed to users that it has reintroduced the timeline scrollbar to the Photos app, thus meaning that the vertical bar on the right allows you to scroll through images by year and month.

This scrollbar is now present for All Photos on the platform, OneDrive, and lastly, iCloud Photos gallery views. This is yet another top feature request that has been implemented by the software giant.

The final significant and major change to the app is that Microsoft has bought in a ‘Spot Fix’ feature. The idea here is that you can now highlight a small blemish in an image and the Photos app will smooth it over automatically, so the mark gets to disappear.

Other Features Added To the Photos Tool

There’s a host of other small tweaks that are applied here, and this is including that if you get to copy an image from the Photos app and then paste it into Outlook or Teams, the picture is now inserted inline which is in the actual body of the message, just so you know, rather than just being added as an attachment by default.

For the full details of what Microsoft has done with the photos app, including all that smaller tinkering done under the hood, check out the announcement blog post here. For testers (in the Canary or Dev builds) that want to try out the new Photos experience, they will need to update and then ensure that they are running version 2023.11050.2013.0 of the app (or higher).



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