Netflix Users Clamming Together To Save A Show from Cancellation

Netflix users clamming together to save a show from cancellation – Fans of Shadow and Bones are at the moment juicing up the figures in a  bid to save the show, but the question they should be asking themselves is that should they have to go through all the trouble?

Netflix Users to Save Show

Netflix Users to Save Show

How far can you really go in a bid to make sure that the latest season of one of your favorites show will not be it’s last on the streaming platform Netflix? Just for the common good, how many times can you watch it?

In a streaming landscape where brilliant shows are at most times canceled just before they have had the opportunity to grow their audience, fans are beginning to catch on to the metrics that determine the fate of a show. And that is coming to a head with the release of Shadow & Bone season 2, as fans desperately replay the episodes of the season in a bid to boost its viewer numbers and then convince Netflix to push ahead with other future seasons.

Netflix Fans Try To Save Shadow and Bone

As already reported by Rolling Stone, the online fandom of Shadow & Bone has launched a preemptive operation to save the fantasy show, with leading fan accounts as well as Reddit communities hosting all-night watch parties and thus pushing related hashtags on social media platforms to keep up with engagement. Viewers are even being urged to replay episodes in the background with their Netflix on mute, just to up the viewer count of the show.

The second season of Shadow and Bone was rather quickly greenlit after the debut of the show, but fans however have good reasons to be skittish, with many of the best Netflix shows such as First Kill, Warrior Nun, or Fate: The Winx Saga that were all culled just before their time, despite each of the titles all having great fandoms.

In such a cut-throat type of environment, the opening of Shadow & Bone to the second spot on the viewership charts of Netflix really counts for little. And with such an environment, it seems like you will need to be The Witcher or a real-estate reality series for any form of security and longevity on the streaming platform.

The Importance of Netflix in the Streaming Industry

Netflix is one streaming platform that is seen as a savior for series and shows that would not easily get funded on other and more traditional networks and platforms which kind of made it the best streaming service for a very long time, however, while we have seen a surging growth in TV adaptations of young0adult and fantasy title, a firmer stance by the execs of Netflix simply means that shows on the platform at most times get canceled just after their initial seasons.

Netflix Viewership Metrics

The all-important metric shows to be just how much subscribers to the Netflix platform engage with a show in its first 28 days which is a metric that relies effectively on a big box office opening with an ear or even the patience for shows that have thinner but somewhat dedicated fandom or might even gain a following in a slow but steady fashion.



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