Best Netflix Shows of 2021 – Best Netflix Shows To Watch In 2021

Looking for good entertainment from the Best Netflix Shows of 2021? We update this list of the 30 best Netflix TV shows weekly with new selections of series you can add to your Watch List.

Best Netflix Shows of 2021

This week, we’ve just dropped in the latest edition of the fantasy adaptation Shadow and Bone. The Best Netflix show the service has made in this genre since The Witcher.

Best Netflix Shows

This list of interesting Netflix shows also includes a variety of old favorites: the likes of Stranger Things, The Crown, and Queer Eye are among them, and so too are newer smashes just like the Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton.

Best Netflix Shows To Watch

Hopefully, once you look over this list, you will not struggle to search out something you’ll like to watch. Here are some of the Best Netflix Shows you can watch right away:

Shadow and Bone

Netflix has enjoyed many successes with its fantasy TV offerings in recent times. Shadow and Bone, then, had plenty to measure up to in a genre that also contains The Witcher.

But it over holds its own with an adventurous and twisting plot, investable characters and much drama. It can take a few of episodes to get into Shadow and Bone.

And there could have been a little bit more within the way of action. Once you’re invested in its story and characters, though, Shadow and Bone may be a world you’ll easily get lost in.

The Serpent

Our latest addition to the present list of the best Netflix shows, The Serpent is a crime drama co-produced with the BBC within the UK.

With the real-life killings of travelers hiking over the ‘Hippie Trail’ in South Asia, Tahar Rahim stars as a murderer and conman Charles Sobhraj.

The Irregulars

If you’re expecting a classic Sherlock Holmes retelling from this Netflix series, then don’t. For one, the enduring British detective (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and his faithful companion Dr.

That said, it has a motivating premise. The movie is set in Victorian London, and it follows a gang of street kids which is led by the matriarchal Bea (Thaddea Graham) hired by Watson at Holmes’ supposed behest.

Tasked with solving crimes with a supernatural twist on them. The group becomes embroiled in a plot that threatens the very existence of their world.

If you’re after a brand-new fantasy series to binge on, this could be your choice.

Murder Among The Mormons

Netflix’s true crime documentaries are a reasonably mixed affair overall, but Murder Among the Mormons hits the mark.

It’s about convicted forger and bomber Mark Hofmann, who created highly convincing and coveted fake documents associated with the Church of Latter-Day Saints. And this documentary explores his rise to fame and eventual downfall.

It’s less exploitative than tons of true crime fare. And a desirable story if you were not around when the events in question actually went down.


The word ‘Lupin’ might cause you to consider a million anime movies. And this French series literally uses the thief character Arsène Lupin as some extent of inspiration for its protagonist. With only five episodes available right away, it won’t take you long before you go through it.

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