Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update – How To Get The Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update

Alongside iOS 14.5, Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update was also landed. And while it’s more or less as big an update because of the iPhone-focused one, it still brings some useful new features and enhancements to Apple Watch.

Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update

Apple has made available this new update to its watch users across the world. This is the fourth major update of the watchOS 7 operating system released in 2020.

Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update

The key feature added to this Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update is the ability to unlock a device FaceID even with a face mask. But this can only work when the updated watch is paired with a device with iOS 14.5.

The biggest of this update is additionally one among the massive iOS 14.5 features. As it requires both an Apple Watch and an iPhone. We’re talking of course about the watch ability to bypass Face ID to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask.

This is enabled by the Apple Watch, as if it’s nearby, unlocked and on your wrist then it’ll then be able to unlock your phone. Assuming both are running the newest software.

When it does so you’ll feel a vibration on your watch to provide you with a warning. Also as getting an alert on the Apple Watch’s screen.

How To Get The Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update

To do that, you can quickly go to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap on General, and tap on Software Update.

Just ensure that your Watch has a minimum of a 50% battery, or it is placed on the charger, and near to your iPhone.

Features Of Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update

Here are other improved features that are tagged along the update:

  • The choice to classify your Bluetooth device type in the Setting for correct identification of headphones for audio notification.
  • Access to streaming audio and video from Apple Fitness+ workouts to AirPlay 2-enabled TVs and devices.
  • ECG app support on Apple Watch Series 4 or later for Australia and Vietnam users.
  • Access to heart rhythm notification for Australia and Vietnam users.

And lot more others you can get when you’ve updated your Apple Watch.

ECGs for Australia

Fitness fans meanwhile will now be allowed access to stream audio and video content from Apple Fitness Plus to an AirPlay 2-enabled TV or other devices.

The other major changes are region-specific, with the ECG app finally being activated for Apple Watch 4 and above users in Australia and Vietnam. Those countries also now have access to irregular cardiac rhythm notifications.


Beyond all that, there also are bug fixes in Apple WatchOS 7.4 Update. So, even though you don’t care about any of the updated features, there are more to be added soon.

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