Tello Mobile is Just Under $10 This Black Friday

Tello Mobile is just under $10 this Black Friday delivering cellular services. That said, you should know that these very plans during this black Friday kicks off for as low as $6 for the very first month.

Tello Mobile Black Friday

Tello Mobile Black Friday

Tello Mobile as you should know reportedly popped up on the cellular service scene back in the year 2016 and it has since then made a solid name for itself over the years and with that, it just got even more affordable with a new Black Friday deal. Right at this moment, Tello Mobile is offering shoppers a 1GB data plan for just $6 for the first month and then a 2GB plan for just $2 more.

After the first and initial month of subscription, the price in question ratchets up a bit: $10 per month for the 1GB plan, and $14 for the 2GB plan on the other hand. This very deal in question ends on December 14th, which therefore means that you should probably act swiftly.

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Perks and Benefits of This Deal and Offer

With a Tello Mobile plan, you will reportedly get free hotspot service as well as Wi-Fi calling. There is also free international calling to more than 60 countries, budget-friendly family plans as well as no additional fees whatsoever. You also have the choice to make use of an eSIM with your plan, which is really super convenient in the event that you want to add a second SIM to your current phone. Another exciting thing about Tello is that it makes use of the T-Mobile network to provide talk, text, and data to its subscribers and customers.

Availability of This Offer

This very offer in question is only valid for new customers of the service as well as new lines. That said, if it is that you are on the lookout for other options in the market, then you should consider Boost Mobile’s Black Friday deals too.



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