Eckster’s Grid Backpack Is Currently 20% Off for Black Friday

Eckster’s Grid backpack is currently 20% off for Black Friday. This is one of the coolest if not the coolest backpacks I have ever owned.

Eckster’s Grid Backpack Black Friday

The sale from Eckter’s Black Friday is inclusive of this very backpack that you pack more like a suitcase as well as other mouthwatering deals on tech cases, accessories, gear and so many more.

Eckster’s Grid Backpack Black Friday

Living in New York simply means sliding around in some really tight and crowded spaces, and a bulbous backpack as you should know can turn you into a subway villain way fast. Eckster in question makes some really slick and ergonomic tech gear as well as travel accessories, and its very own new Grid backpack is excellent if not perfect for carrying your tech and goods without knocking into strangers inadvertently whenever it is that you make a turn or pivot.


Features of This Backpack

I really love this compact backpack, but it’s very much admittedly on the costly side of things. And right at this moment, the Grid is currently down to an all-time low of only $156, a price that normally goes for $195, for Black Friday. That is a heck of a good price for this type of quality bag with structure, smart design as well and all the right storage spots for essentials.

Why You Should Get In On This Deal and Offer

What’s really so great about this backpack? The Grid in question just so you know flaps open completely so that you can pack as well as easily organize with maximum efficiency. There is also a quick-stash laptop compartment as well as yet another to help protect a pair of fragile shades with an outdoor water bottle pocket.

This backpack is reportedly made from recycled PET bottles as well as fully waterproof in the event that you get caught in a shower on your way to showing off your new backpack to friends. This product here is also slimmer than your standard backpack, and it honestly just looks way cooler than most.

The Eckster Black Friday Sale

The Eckster Black Friday sale for those that don’t know spans far beyond the backpack. You can get your hands on the excellent, spring-loaded card carriers, sleek wallets as well as power banks of the brand for as much as 50% off.



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