Instagram Releases a New Feature That Lets Users Add Music to Grid Posts

Instagram releases a new feature that lets users add music to grid posts and guess who the first person to tease this new feature is. No other person but Olivia Rodrigo is the first person to tease the new feature with her just-released song. The new feature in question lets users to add a song as a soundtrack to their carousel posts.

Instagram Releases a New Feature

Instagram Releases a New Feature

A new Instagram feature just released allows users to add music to their grid posts, and just as mentioned already, Olivia Rodrigo is the very first person to do it.

The feature as you should know was reportedly introduced recently by Rodrigo, who made use of it in unveiling her new song, “bad idea right?” Instagram users and account holders can now attach a song of their choice to soundtrack a carousel post with multiple photos, which is very much similar to just how tracks can be added to Stories or Reels. The feature in question appears to be in the process of rolling out to users.

Sadly, news outlet, The Verge did not get a preview of the song and the post that is under embargo, so I cannot really tell you really much about it. But if it is just anything like “good 4 u” that is off of her last album, then I already like it.

Instagram Is Reportedly Releasing a Slew of Features

Social media platform, Instagram as you should know is also releasing a handful of new features besides this very one. First, followers will now have a new incentive to make Reels and this is how it works. When a fan makes use of the “add yours” sticker to make a video simply based on a prompt, they will get to have a chance to be highlighted by the original creator or the artist.

When a creator on the platform selects a submission to be highlighted, the video in question gets to appear at the top of a landing page, thus showing other Reels stemming from the sticker prompt. Creators in question that are on the platform will also be able to pin up to 10 Reels to highlight, and fans will then get a notification if it is that their video is selected by the creator.

Instagram Collaborative Publishing Feature        

The social media platform is also expanding its collaborative publishing feature to include up to three other accounts as co-authors of a post or posts on the platform. The reported Collabs feature as you should know allows both public as well as private accounts to jointly share content and then have it appear on each feed of the used accounts.



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