How to Improve the Signal Strength of Your Phone

It can be very annoying when your phone signal is having some complications for some reason and here in this article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to improve the signal strength of your phone.

How to Improve the Signal Strength of Your Phone
How to Improve the Signal Strength of Your Phone

Slow mobile data and no bars on your phone are situations that tend to stress and make phone users frustrated and have no idea of what to do.

How to Improve the Signal Strength of Your Phone

Having a good phone signal strength is impressive because you get to transmit various messages or calls via your phone without facing any stress. However, this article is going to provide some easy steps that will enlighten you on how to improve the signal strength of your phone below, so keep on reading further.

Toggle Airplane Mode or Restart (Reboot) Your Mobile Phone

Due to various operations that are been done with phones like calls, sending texts, browsing, and other activities the phone tends to be stressed out sometimes. So, in some cases, it may still be functioning with the previous cellular network availability.

However, because of this dysfunction in the network availability, you will have to turn on the airplane mode on your device for like 15 seconds and then turn it on for your phone to connect with the current signal. Moreso, in some cases If the toggling of the airplane doesn’t respond you can restart or reboot your phone because it can improve it when leaving or entering roaming carrier zones.

 Hold Your Phone Another Way

The position you hold your phone sometimes tends to block the antenna gate of your phone which makes it lack or get a slow signal. However, the way to fix it from blocking your antenna gate is to hold your phone with your two fingers in a way that your cellular network won’t be obstructed by not blocking all the devices but only a little.

Acquire a New SIM (or Clean Your SIM)

There are cases where your SIM card may be old and cannot get access or rather connect to the network systems that are new. And also, the contacts that the SIM card may lead to breakdown or intermittent failures. Anyways that can be fixed by taking your SIM card out of the device (mobile phone) and cleaning the surface of the mental part at the back with the use of a cotton swab and some little alcohol.

Furthermore, instead of going through the stress of cleaning your SIM card which is not a very difficult process, you can just purchase a new SIM card and then transfer your contacts to get more improved signal strength and a SIM card of the latest model.

Get a Cellular Booster

This aspect of Improving the signal strength of your phone is considered to be very expensive but it is more effective and a great solution. The use of a network booster for signals tends to actually receive signals that are weak signals through the use of antennae that are big and then make a rebroadcasting process to all areas of the house and in some cases other ranges.

Make Use of Wi-Fi Rather than Cellular

Home networks are certainly the best network for your mobile phones and also when you are making use of a Wi-Fi network for amazing benefits and it includes making calls. In these recent times, the mobile phones that are produced have a feature that supports Wi-Fi calling that needs to be activated in the settings of the phone. And also, you can improve the Wi-Fi in your home with a system, and it does not involve any difficult or stressful procedures.

What Affects Phone Signal Strength?

These are questions that you certainly need to know more about in the sense that before you start looking for solutions to improve your signal strength you need to know what affects it.  Well, however, there are some factors that affect the signal strength of your phone and they include Terrain type, atmospheric conditions, cloud cover, man-made obstacles, and dense trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Boost my Mobile Signal at Home?

The procedures that you need to undergo for you to boost your phone signal at home are not very stressful but rather you can do that by yourself with the instructions below.

  • Firstly, you need to step outside.
  • Change your location in your house by moving to another space.
  • Replace or remove your phone case.
  • Make calls with Wi-Fi.
  • Switch your network to that of 3G.
  • Change Carriers.

These are the steps on how you can boost your mobile signal at home.

Can a New SIM Card Improve Signal?

Yes, a new SIM card will help you improve your signal and it will also ensure that you can get more 5G locations with the use of devices that are compatible.

What are the Things that can Disrupt Cell Signals?

There are several things that can disrupt cell signals and they are hills, mountains, bluffs, heavy vegetation, and most importantly the weather they are what you need to avoid and take note of to improve your phone signal.

How do I Boost the Signal of my Android Phone?

The signal of an android phone can be boosted and in order for you to do that, you will have to follow the instructions below.

  • Carry out software updates.
  • Off any services that you are making use of.
  • Make changes in your voice and data settings.
  • Turn on and off aeroplane mode.
  • Reset your network.
  • Make a manual selection on your network operator.
  • Then lastly check your phone for any damage.

Can a SIM Card Cause Poor Reception?

Well, SIM cards don’t actually block the direct flow of how your phone can pick up signals but if the SIM card is bad then I can prevent you from connecting to any network.



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