Starlink Cuts Off South African Customers

Starlink cuts off South African customers. In previous news and development, the satellite internet service was banned in the country, and even at that, many people were still selling Starlink Kits in the region. And with most recent developments, the company has now disconnected its South African customers.

Starlink Cuts Off South African Customers

Starlink Cuts Off South African Customers

Last week, SpaceX reportedly took action against several customers in South Africa who were using its satellite Internet service, Starlink, due to alleged trademark and copyright violations.

Although Starlink is not officially supported in South Africa, its roaming service functions there. However, users wishing to receive Starlink kits directly in South Africa must register the service and have the kit delivered to a country where Starlink is officially supported.

StarSat Africa, among other businesses, imports Starlink kits for South African customers. Recently, StarSat Africa announced plans to reduce prices for Starlink kits by 13% to 20%. In response, SpaceX purportedly locked the accounts of 350-400 StarSat Africa customers, citing violations of the Starlink Terms of Service, unauthorized resale, and trademark infringement.

As a result, SpaceX demanded an immediate halt to unauthorized resales and the use of the Starlink trademark to prevent confusion among consumers.

SpaceX Declines StarSat Application to Become an Authorized Starlink Reseller

StarSat Africa disclosed that SpaceX declined its application to become an authorized Starlink reseller, prompting customers to transfer their accounts elsewhere. The company is collaborating with SpaceX to reactivate the locked accounts, aiming to resolve support tickets within 24 hours.

How Starlink Is Being Hindered In the Region

Challenges posed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s (Icasa) licensing requirements hinder Starlink’s direct-to-customer model in the country. Compliance with ownership regulations and the limited availability of new licenses present obstacles, potentially leading to delays and increased costs in obtaining existing licenses.

Starlink’s Reluctance to Partner with Licensed Local Internet Service Providers

Starlink’s reluctance to partner with licensed local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) further complicates its expansion in South Africa. Authorized resellers are currently restricted to business kits, adding complexity to Starlink’s operations in the country.



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