TD Africa Becomes the Authorized Distributor of Starlink in Africa

TD Africa has become the authorized distributor of Starlink in Africa. Nigerian IT and lifestyle product distributor, TD Africa has now secured a partnership with Starlink to become its first distributor in Africa.

TD Africa Becomes Authorized Distributor of Starlink in Africa

The company via a press release issued on February 7, 2024, in Lagos, stated that the said agreement to distribute Starlink kits stands for major progress towards making internet connectivity available to Nigerians as well as everyone in Africa.

TD Africa Becomes Authorized Distributor of Starlink in Africa

Developed by SpaceX, Starlink is revolutionizing Internet access with its high-speed, low-latency service available in over 70 markets worldwide, including seven African countries. The initiative aims to enhance Internet connectivity across Africa, focusing on remote areas where traditional connectivity options are limited.

TD Africa, with its commitment to bridging the digital divide, sees Starlink as a pivotal partner in driving economic growth throughout the continent. The collaboration leverages Starlink’s strengths in delivering fast, reliable Internet with extensive coverage and the ability to scale effectively. Despite potential challenges posed by bans in countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, the extent of these restrictions on the partnership’s goals remains to be fully understood.

TD Africa’s Presence in the Technology Distribution Space

Since its inception in 2000, TD Africa has established itself as a significant player in the technology distribution space, representing over 27 multinational corporations and acting as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider in 47 African countries. Chioma Chimere, TD Africa’s Coordinating Managing Director, has highlighted the synergy between TD Africa’s vast distribution network and Starlink’s mission to transform Internet access globally.

Chimere stressed TD Africa’s commitment to delivering Internet solutions that are not only accessible and affordable but also practical for both individuals and businesses across Africa.

Paratus Group Announced a Reseller Agreement with Starlink

On September 22, 2023, Paratus Group announced a reseller agreement with Starlink, planning to distribute Internet solution kits in African countries where Starlink has received approval, such as Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Jumia Partners With Starlink

Furthermore, on October 2, 2023, Jumia, an African eCommerce giant, revealed a partnership with Starlink to offer satellite Internet service kits on its platform, marking another step towards improving connectivity across the continent.



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