Sony Reportedly Teased a Spatial VR Headset with a Smart Control Ring

Sony reportedly teased a spatial VR headset with a smart control ring. During the CES 2024, so many innovations were revealed and Sony was not left out. Apple is not the only firm with the news about a spatial headset.

Sony Teased a Spatial VR Headset

Sony Teased a Spatial VR Headset

Sony is reportedly previewing a new “spatial content creation” system that is designed to allow users to edit and shape 3D models while at the time wearing a virtual reality headset. The company revealed the headset alongside a unique pair of controllers today during a presentation at the just concluded CES 2024.

The headset in question, which is powered by the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform as well as even outfitted with 4K OLED displays, is not primarily for gamers such as PlayStation VR. Instead, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida stated that this new headset in question is made for professionals who do work with 3D, enabling wearers to effectively expand the “creation space by overlaying virtual objects into physical spaces,”

Sony’s Spatial VR Headset Demo

The demo as you should know revealed users manipulating virtual objects while making use of two controllers which are a ring and a pointer that effectively fits into your hand. Meanwhile, the front part of the headset in question flips up to allow users to effectively switch between virtual and physical spaces. Sony reveals that its “proprietary rendering technology” allows for “real-time, high-definition and realistic rendering of textures of 3D objects and facial expressions of human characters.”

“With seamless access to virtual objects, creators can work in real space with an immersive development experience,” Yoshida stated. Sony prior to this made a “Spatial Reality Display” that enabled users to see digital objects in 3D making use of face- and eye-tracking. That tech that is here is obviously a whole lot different, but it seems very much to be designed for the same type of pro content creator.

Availability and Pricing

Sony reveals that the new system will come out in the latter parts of this year, but there is however no word on the pricing yet. It might have some competition with the Apple Vision Pro, though, which begins shipping next month.



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