Samsung Teases Monitor Concept Designed To Be Used In Pairs or Even More

Samsung teases monitor concept designed to be used in pairs or even more. The monitor teased is designed to look really good in multiples, and jumps into 3D monitors. The Link just as it is dubbed is the latest concept from Samsung for a monitor that is specifically designed to be utilized in pairs of more.

Samsung Teases Monitor Concept

Samsung Teases Monitor Concept

Glasses-free 3D monitors as you already should know as a tech-savvy person remain a niche, no matter just how hard Acer tries, but manufacturers however do seem to be taking baby steps, mostly importantly for laptop screens (such as last year’s Asus announcement). Samsung reportedly previewed its very own take on it at the just recently held CES 2024, alongside a very small teaser for The Link thus continuing its tradition of “The” awkward product names which is a new general-purpose (aka “lifestyle”) monitor that is designed specifically to be utilized with many siblings.

The 32-inch, 4K The Link in question prioritizes aesthetics as well as an easy setup, reportedly going for the ultra-slim desktop video wall effect. And as per Samsung, the monitors in question connect to each other through POGO pins, allowing you to daisy chain them off the main connection.

Details of the New Monitor Concept

The said 3D monitor in question does very much sound like it is made for gaming. Samsung in regards to the development has said that it has eyes and head tracking and that it is also compatible with existing VR games and content as well as Steam VR. The company is also working on partnerships with several game publishers. Samsung reveals that it can also create 3D effects which may be presumably for 2D content, but no matter just how smart the AI processing is for effects such as this, I find them really annoying to just underwhelming.

Samsung will however have more information in regards to both monitors in the later parts of this year.

Other Notable Specs and Features of the Monitors

And in addition to the high-refresh gaming monitors as well as panels that the company announced earlier, it also launched the successor to its 32-inch 4K Smart Monitor M70D, the Smart Monitor M80D.

And as far as I can tell right now, just a few things have changed and they are; the stand has now been redesigned with a whole new base and it supports HDR10 Plus which is up from HDR10. Just hopefully, that also simply means that it makes use of a new panel and that the company just also failed to make mention of it specifically.



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