Save $50 on Jackery’s Ultraportable Power Station Today

Save $50 on Jackery’s Ultraportable Power Station today. The Jackery 100 as you should know is one of the best ways to keep your stuff charged no matter where it is you are situated and right at this moment it’s all yours for a $50 discount.

Jackery’s Ultraportable Power Station

Jackery’s Ultraportable Power Station

When it is you travel, you are very much likely to find yourself in need of an extra charge here and there, whether it is for a phone, tablet, a computer, or anything else. And while it is that there are tons of power banks to select from, sometimes you just may be in need of something a tad bit bigger. Something that can effectively charge more things and for a longer period of time, perhaps. And for those examples and times, you are going to want to check out the Jackery Explorer 100 Plus portable power station, especially at this reported discounted price.

How Long Will This Offer Last

Right at this moment, retailer Amazon is selling the Jackery Explorer 100 for the low price of only $99 all thanks to a $50 discount coupon. That in question is a discount that is well worth having. So you should make sure to get your order in while that coupon is still very much available. Unfortunately, we really don’t know how long it will hang around for.

Specs And Features of Jackery’s Ultraportable Power Station

And just unlike some of the bigger Jackery chargers, this one in question is much smaller and can reportedly fit in the palm of your hand, and also only sports three ports, two USB-C and one USB-A. The USB-C ports as you should know can pump out an impressive 100 watts, thus meaning that you could potentially charge a laptop or even fast charge a phone if it is that you have one of either that is compatible.

The USB-A in question can only handle 18-watt output, which is not too bad considering, but on the bright side, you can make use of all three ports to charge devices at a max of 128 watts.

Other Notable Specs and Features

And as for the 99-watt-hour capacity on the other hand, that is roughly 27,000 mAh, or about six to seven full charges of a phone. Many capacities, in other words. This here is also just below the maximum battery capacity that you can take with you on a flight without the necessary approval, at least in some places, thus making it an ideal travel charger.

And if on the other hand, you tend to camp a lot, you can make use of Jackery’s SolarSaga solar panel to charge the power station in about just 2 hours which is a really impressive and hard-to-find feature for a portable power bank of this very size.



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