Apple Launches Music Video Station For U.S

Apple is rapidly increasing its investment in music on its launch of the “Apple Music TV.” Apple Launches Music Video Station For U.S called the Apple Music TV. This new music video station provides a 24-hour free live stream of popular and recent music videos and other music content. Which may include exclusive video premieres, curated music video blocks, live shows, fan events, chart countdowns, guest appearances, and a lot more.

Apple Launches Music Video Station For U.S

This new service does not offer a dedicated app, instead, it is offered as a new feature within two of Apple’s existing entertainment apps. During the launch, users can put on display Apple Music TV from within the Browse tab through either the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app.

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Apple Launches Music Video Station For U.S

According to Apple, “While Apple Music is accessed via paid subscription services, Apple Music TV will be offered as a free service to users living in the U.S”.

To officially begin its launch, Apple Music TV recently began with a countdown of the top 100 most-streamed songs over all of Apple Music, gotten based on U.S. Apple users’ data.

Text Running the New Service

During the text running of this new service, it was found to be fairly basic, though it has an uncensored and ad-free user experience. Video streaming only offers the artist and song details at the start, instead of as the music that is been played. Also, it did not take advantage of the integration with Apple Music on offering any additional features to subscribers. Just like being able to play and access your favorite song or add it to a playlist for instance.

There is also no access to on-screen tools that can be used to share what you were watching on your connected social media as a post. You will have to dig to access the share option which is under the more menu due to its complexity. This would give you access to share the link to the tweet, but wouldn’t auto-fill the text or hashtags that can be used when posting, like the artist name or song.

Features of the Service

While listening to songs on the Apple Music TV, users could put on hold live streaming, and return after a short pause. But if not returned after a while, the streaming disconnects and the displayed image of the paused music video would change to the placeholder Apple Music TV image. When on life, the text and icons will be displayed in red color. It is later reversed to a white color display after it is disconnected as a visual cue.

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Though the service is simple to access, Apple Music TV also gives Apple a new home for music-related posts. Which has over the years included more exclusive interviews, concert films, and more. This new release also offers Apple with another advantage in negotiating with music artists for premieres. As it offers an additional platform for fans reaches out to their favorite artists. And this is not only based on the premiere itself, but also via offering artists tons of airtime leading up to their next debut so that they can use it to make the promotion of their recent releases.

The Apple Music TV can also take advantage of content produced for Apple Music 1 which was formerly known as Beats 1 radio station, as it goes about operating these promotions.

Expected Song Release

As said, Apple Music TV will promote the upcoming release of Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” on Thursday, October 22. With music video blocks featuring his greatest videos release, an additional exclusive interview with Zane Lowe, and a special live stream event for the fan.

Apple also included that Apple Music 1 will not be providing exclusive content for the live-streamed station, instead, it will operate on and run the video content it has already produced across its radio stations. Which are the Apple Music 1, Apple Music Country, and Apple Music Hits, all as interstitial content offered on the Apple Music TV.

Coming up this Friday, which is dated October 23, at 9 AM PT, Apple Music TV will be showcasing two new exclusive video premieres which include Joji’s “777” and the SAINt JHN’s “Gorgeous”, so don’t miss out.


Apple Music TVs have a bigger advantage in the fact that can be freely accessed by millions of Apple device users.

But it may not be fully advantaged for traction due to its lack of features that make other live stream fan events or premieres engaging. Just like group chats with the artist or a direct interaction with music creators. You can do more research on Google.

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