Jackery Makes Bumps to LFP Batteries with Newly Launched Solar Generator

Jackery makes bumps to LFP batteries with the newly launched solar generator. The solar generator 2000 Plus in question supports up to six 200W solar panels. You can also easily connect two together for up to 6000W of continuous power from 24kWh of battery expansion.

Jackery LFP Batteries Solar Generator

Jackery LFP Batteries Solar Generator

Getting power when you are away from the grid is now getting easier and easier with portable products such as this new Solar Generator 2000 Plus from Jackery. Kick things off with a single Explorer 2000 Plus battery and SolarSaga 200W solar panel and then keep on expanding until you get more power than Mama Nature herself.

The generator kit as you should know is built around the 62lb (28kg) Explorer 2000 Plus battery on wheels which sports and features 2kWh of battery capacity, 3000W of continuous AC output, as well as support for up to six of Jackery’s SolarSaga 200W solar panels that are connected over proprietary barrel connectors. You can also then add up to five 2kWh add-on battery packs for a capacity of 12kWh in total.

When you connect a pair of fully maxed-out Explorer 2000 Plus units together you can produce up to 6000W of continuous power from a monstrous 24kWh stack of not-so-portable batteries (as shown in the image shared by the company).

Why You Should Invest In This Product from Jackery

The Solar Generator product in question marks a long-awaited switch from NCM to the safer as well as longer lasting LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4) battery chemistry for Jackery, as its competitors prior to this had done. LFP batteries as you should have known by now can be slightly heavier than NCMs and they do not perform as well in temps below -20C (-4F) unless they are heated, but are however otherwise superior in almost every kind of way. Nevertheless, Jackery has said that it will continue to maintain a mix of NCM and LFP in its product portfolio.

Specs and Features

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus product brings a ton of DC charging ports which is 2x USB-A, 2x 100W USB-C, 12V car, and AC jacks for all your charging needs, as well as an integrated display that can be used to monitor status. The product in question also supports the new app for real-time monitoring of your input/output status and settings customization from Jackery.

The maximum noise level of the unit as you should know is capped at 53dB, as per the company, with a Super Quiet Mode that hushes things way down to under 30dB, which is usually at the expense of charging speed or output power. And even still, it is still a welcome feature if it is that you are sleeping next to that fan in an RV, boat, or even a shack.

Price and Availability

“Early Bird” prices begin at $1,980 for just the rolling Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus battery, $2,970 if you want to add a pair of 200W SolarSaga panels to it, and then $4,500 if it is that you want to add an additional 2kWh add-on battery pack to the mix. Imagine what a 24kWh kit will get to cost!



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