Roboost, an AI-Driven Logistics Startup Gets $3 Million in Funds to Diversify Its Services

Roboost, an AI-driven logistics startup gets $3 million in funds to diversify its services simply by offering eCommerce and middle-mile solutions and in the process offering customized systems for businesses to consumers.

Roboost Gets $3 Million to Diversify Its Services

Roboost Gets $3 Million to Diversify Its Services

AI-startup, Roboost, established in 2020 by CEO Mohamed Gessraha, is revolutionizing the home delivery industry with its AI-driven management platform. This innovative system is designed to enhance delivery operations by minimizing human involvement and automating the management of home delivery fleets.

At the core of Roboost’s technology is a self-learning AI system, which leverages proprietary machine-learning algorithms. This technology is instrumental in streamlining client operations in several key ways. It employs pre-delivery technology, precision auto-dispatching, and the creation of “smart routes” derived from text addresses, which significantly improves the efficiency of the delivery process.

An Important Aspect of Roboost’s Model

A remarkable aspect of Roboost’s model is its applicability: approximately 70% of orders that are currently processed offline stand to gain from this advanced approach. This statistic underscores the substantial impact that Roboost’s AI-driven solutions can have on the home delivery sector, offering a more efficient, automated, and smartly managed delivery process.

Roboost’s platform enhances customer understanding through heat maps and analytics, while its AI fleet control system notably enhances fraud detection. Additionally, it ensures real-time dynamic fleet payroll management.

A Break Down On How the Platform Works

The platform manages a network exceeding 15,000 delivery drivers and serves about 10 million clients. To date, Roboost has automated around 40 million orders. The company’s client roster features notable names like El Ezaby Pharmacies, Jumlaty, Buffalo Burger, and McDonald’s in Kuwait and Egypt.

Roboost boasts significant achievements: doubling delivery speeds, automating up to 99.8% of tasks, reducing order returns by 80%, cutting operational costs by 30%, and witnessing a 400% year-over-year revenue growth.

The Company Reports Increase in Average Driver Productivity

The company also reports a 40% increase in average driver productivity and maintains fraud rates below 5%. CEO Mohamed Gessraha highlights Roboost’s ambition to redefine automated delivery operations through its technology. Investor Hossam Shafick from Silicon Badia expressed his firm’s confidence in Roboost, mentioning their investment and commitment to aiding Roboost’s regional and global expansion.



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