OneXplayer Mini Takes on Steam Deck with A New Model

OneXplayer Mini Takes on Steam Deck with A New Model. Even though at the moment steam deck is one of the hottest topics in PC gaming because of its switch-like portable design, it seems hard to first try its hand at a handheld console for PC gaming.

OneXplayer Mini Takes on Steam Deck with A New Model

The most recent wave of such computers began with the first GDP WIN in the year 2016 and the niche market has since been dominated by at least two Chinese brands. With the launch of Steam Deck and limited availability, the handheld PC market seems to have been re-ignited, with new models and designs that try to capitalize on the newfound interest of Gamers.

OneXplayer Mini Takes on Steam Deck with A New Model

The steam Deck, also began with a new Sub-current with that market, with a new variant of od models that is bearing AMD’s processor instead of Intel’s. That is exactly what One Netbook is looking to offer with a new variant of its OneXplayer mini, potentially cashing in on the popularity of the steam Deck with an AMD-powered handheld of its very own.

OneXplayer Mini Specs

Just as the name states, the OneXplayer Mini is a little bit smaller than the launched model that was launched in 2021 to preempt Valve’s Steam Deck. Though it comes with the same 7-inch display, The OneXPlayer Mini offers support for the 1920 x 1200 resolution. The handheld also comes with a faster PCle NVMe storage right off the bat instead of Slower eMMC technology. With 16GB of RAM and a variety of ports, the OneXplayer mini functions more like a mini-laptop than a watered-down PC.

Just like most of its peers that are in this space, the OneXplayer initially launched with an intel processor alone. Ever since the launch of the steam Deck, however, there has been a steady trickle of AMD variants that might offer Intel a run for its money. This new OneXplayer mini, in particular, is arriving with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U, that comes with 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as Radeon Vega 8 graphics. To some people, this makes this model a gaming computer worth buying.

A Steam Deck Alternative

It is almost too easy for you to compare the OneXplayer Mini with the Steam Deck when it comes to design and that AMD CPU, but the main work is in the details. The OneXPlayer mini makes use of an off-the-shelf AMD Ryzen and ships with windows out of the box, making it really more comparable to Windows laptops. In contrast, The steam Deck makes use of a custom AMD SoC and it runs the Linux-based steam OS so that the company is better and able to fine-tune its performance.

The major deal-breaker for many, however, would likely be the price. While the cost of the steam Deck goes for at most, $649, the OneXplayer mini starts at $999, which is actually a discounted pre-sale from the whole $1,259. One can easily purchase a powerful gaming laptop at that rate, but the handheld form factor does have the advantage of portability.

With delays and limits in the Steam Deck’s availability, a lot of PC gamers might get tempted by these alternatives, especially when it comes with windows that have already been pre-installed. Ironically, it is rumored that One Netbook might be developing its own steam OS version to boost the popularity of their devices with the steam fans.


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