Lost Ark Is Now the Second Most Played Games in Steam History

Just 24 hours after its launch, the lost ark is now the second most played game in Steam’s history. It now seems that amazon games have yet another hit game in their belt.

Lost Ark Is Now the Second Most Played Games in Steam History

Lost Ark Is Now the Second Most Played Games in Steam History

Just after 24 hours, the lost ark has surpassed 1 million concurrent players seamlessly and in the process making it the second most played game in the history of steam by concurrent counts. The Diablo-like MMO yesterday was launched in the west and this was after amazon games collaborated with Smilegate RPG in localizing and translating the lost ark game and also making it available in English.

The game has now passed the concurrent records for both counter-strikes: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which has regularly dominated the top of the most played games of steam.

Lost Ark Has Experienced Server Problems

The game, lost ark is so popular and famous now that it has even experienced server issues and there is also a queue just for you to start playing it. SteamDB lists concurrent players of the lost ark at around 1,311,842 and in the process surpassing the record of CS; GO of 1,308,963 players and Dota 2 of 1,295,114. It is however not clear how many of these players are playing the game actually and not just sitting in a server queue waiting for their turn.

Lost Ark Is Only Second To PUBG

Whichever way, the game is now placed second on top of the concurrent list behind PUBG only. The game still has a long way to go if it ever plans to beat PUBG’s all-time peak of 3,257,248 players. Lost ark is currently the second huge hit for amazon games. A new world record of 913,634 players has been set some four months ago.

Originally, the lost ark was first released in South Korea in 2019. The game has millions of active players in Russia, Japan, and South Korea. The game is free to play and has risen to the top of twitch and in the process overtaking the famous just chatting category.


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