Honey by PayPal – Save Money and Earn Rewards Shopping Online | How to use Honey

Honey by Paypal is a popular deal-finding tool designed for the purpose of helping shoppers track prices, save money and earn rewards on online purchases. The Honey app can be deemed easy to use.

Honey by Paypal

Signing up seems like a no-brainer, It costs nothing to use, can be installed in just a few clicks, and, according to Honey, has saved its users over $1 billion to date.

But on the adverse side, Honey is not without its critics. Amazon, a giant e-commerce company has recently warned its shoppers that Honey could be a security risk and recommended uninstalling the app.

Honey by PayPal

Honey was founded in 2012 and acquired by PayPal in 2019 for a whopping $4 billion. It boasts of over 17 million users and works with thousands of online retailers, ranging from fashion and technology to travel and food delivery.

Honey is a free browser extension that searches the web for coupon codes and tests them at checkout, automatically applying the code that saves you the most money. You can also earn rewards on certain purchases through the app’s Honey Gold rewards program or use Honey’s Droplist tool to keep track of price changes for individual items on sites like Amazon.com.

How Does Honey Work?

The working process of honey is similar to apps like Capital One Shopping, it automates the deal-finding process of searching the web for relevant coupons codes after looking at the items in your cart.

It tests all the codes it finds until it gets the one that works. It chooses the code that gives you the biggest discounts, saving you from manually searching coupon sites and trying out codes individually.

Once you’ve installed Honey, you’ll see an an “h” logo and the number of available coupons at the top of your browser window if the site you’re visiting supports the app (in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers, or the upper left in Safari).

What websites does Honey work on?

You can use Honey with over 40,000 online retailers in the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Although Honey does not list all the eligible retailers, Honey supports a wide range of websites including, Adidas, Amazon, J.Crew, Gamestop, Home Depot, Lowe‘s, Macy‘s, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Ulta, etc

How to Use Honey

The first step is to install the Honey browser extension and create an account at joinhoney.com. Though this process will vary slightly depending on which browser you use, it should take only a few clicks.

You can use the Honey Extension on most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera, and you can sign up for a Honey account using your email address or your existing Google, Facebook, PayPal, or Apple account.

Once you’ve installed the extension and created an account, you’re ready to start using Honey to search for coupon codes and (hopefully) save money when shopping online.

Is Honey by PayPal safe?

Although Honey clearly expresses in its privacy policy that it does not share or sell member information, but instead it makes money via referral fees from its retail partners, some users have expressed concern about security.

The fact is that it is very impossible to use Honey without its essential ability to read or change data on the websites you visit. The Honey extension poses no more of a security risk than any other browser extension if you use it on sites you trust.



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