Alienware’s thin 14-inch X14 Gaming Laptop is Now Available

Alienware’s thin 14-inch X14 Gaming Laptop is Now Available. Alienware’s new 14-inch X14 gaming PC is currently on sale, following its declaration in January at CES 2022. While the X14 is significantly more modest (and thinner) than the 15-inch X15 or 17-inch X17, it acquires a portion of the features of those pricier, all the more remarkable machines.

Alienware’s thin 14-inch X14 Gaming Laptop is Now Available

At launch, it includes a 14-center Intel Core i7-12700H processor, up to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics chip, up to 2TB of SSD storage and 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM timed at 5,200MHz.

Assuming you need a machine with those specs inside, it’ll cost you a high price – not cheap for an RTX 3060-prepared PC.

Alienware’s Dainty; 14-inch X14 Gaming PC is now Accessible

There are less expensive choices at launch, and more are coming. Costs for the low-end X14 design as of now start at a specified price.

And you’ll get a similar Core i7-12700H processor, however with 16GB of LPDDR5 timed at a somewhat more slow 4,800MHz speed, 512GB of capacity, and Nvidia’s RTX 3050.


Alienware let The Verge know that setups with Intel’s Core i5-12500H processor will show up later on, yet it didn’t have costs to share upon demand.

When exploring the X14, it was said that it’s a characteristic fit in Alienware’s arrangement, in spite of its specs being intended for a more relaxed horde of gamers than expected.

It’s a shockingly quick PC with regards to gaming, as well concerning inventive undertakings like sending out video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Unfortunately, the Reduction in Size Comes With a Drop-in Gaming Performance

Tragically, the decrease in size accompanies a drop in gaming execution contrasted with Alienware’s other X-series PCs.

That will be normal; however, we shouldn’t propose getting this machine to run each game at its most elevated graphical settings. Furthermore, its console design and trackpad might have utilized some additional refinement.

Battery Life

And keeping in mind that its Alder Lake portable processor tore through video sends out, it didn’t give a similar sort of wonder for battery duration. I got around four and a half long periods of battery use on the X14.

These disadvantages might be excusable for some, however, they’re hard to acknowledge given the X14’s high asking cost. Assuming you have close to $2,000 to spend on a PC, perhaps you ought to get one that is somewhat less compromised.


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