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Have you heard of the Northern Territory Men’s Places Grants? The 2022-2025 Gender Equality Action Plan in the Northern Territory targets five areas to lessen gender disparities and enhance opportunities for all residents, promoting dignity, respect, and fairness.

Guide to the Northern Territory Men's Places Grants Program
Guide to the Northern Territory Men’s Places Grants Program

The Men’s Places Grants Program in the Northern Territory supports community projects establishing secure and encouraging spaces for men. This article is a complete guide, providing crucial information on the program, such as deadlines, grant benefits, eligibility criteria, and application tips.


Applicants should note the submission deadline, set for March 31, 2024. It is vital to ensure the timely submission of all application materials to be eligible for this transformative opportunity.

The Action Plan

The Action Plan includes steps to enhance the lives of Northern Territory men, like:

  • Supporting events for social connection and positive mental health for everyone, regardless of gender.
  • Collaborating with organizations to create resources and health information considering gender, promoting health-seeking behaviors, including mental health.
  • Celebrating positive male role models, fathers, and grandfathers for their positive impact on families and communities.

Role of the Grant

The Territory Government acknowledges the crucial role of men’s places in enhancing men’s health, emotional well-being, and community connections. The Men’s Places Policy is a result of consultations with Men’s Sheds, Men’s Places, Men’s healing programs, and similar entities. These discussions aim to determine how the Northern Territory Government can support programs that seek to improve the lives of men in the region.

Grant Amount

The Northern Territory Government will offer $100,000 annually to back Men’s Places. Men’s Place Grants, up to $10,000 per applicant, will aid activities like information sessions, skills development, health programs, education, peer support, parenting programs, and equipment.

Eligibility Criteria

For Individuals:

  • Meet acquittal requirements for prior funding and comply with all accountability criteria.
  • Demonstrate that the grant won’t duplicate funding from this or other Northern Territory Government sources.
  • Complete all application form details and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Reside in the NT throughout the funded activity.

For Organizations:

  • Be physically located and actively operating in the NT; if operating outside, partner with an NT organization.
  • Meet acquittal requirements for prior funding and comply with all accountability criteria.
  • Demonstrate that the grant won’t duplicate funding from this or other Northern Territory Government sources.
  • Complete all application form details and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Have an ABN or submit a Statement by a Supplier form (if no ABN).
  • Carry public liability insurance of at least $10 million.
  • Register for Goods and Services Tax if the organization earns $75,000 or more annually.


Certain projects are ineligible for Men’s Place Grants, such as those that do not directly benefit men’s well-being or those with a primarily commercial focus. Ensuring alignment with the program’s objectives is critical to a successful application.

Application Process

To apply for the Northern Territory Men’s Places Grants Program, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the Northern Territory Men’s Places Grants Program (. You can find detailed information and resources related to the application process.
  • Review Guidelines: Read the program guidelines thoroughly. Understand the objectives, eligibility criteria, and expectations outlined by the Men’s Places Grants Program.
  • Prepare Your Proposal: Develop a comprehensive project proposal that aligns with the program’s goals. Clearly outline your project’s goals, objectives, expected impact, budget, and timeline.
  • Check Deadline: Identify the application deadline specified on the official website. Ensure that your proposal is submitted before the deadline to be considered for the grant.
  • Verify Eligibility: Confirm that your organization and project meet the eligibility criteria specified on the official website. Address any specific requirements outlined in the guidelines.
  • Document Submission: Gather all required documentation, including the project proposal, budget details, organizational information, and any additional materials specified in the guidelines.
  • Online Application Portal: Navigate to the online application portal if available on the official website. Complete the application form, providing accurate and detailed information.
  • Attach Supporting Documents: Upload all necessary documents as per the application requirements. This may include partnership agreements, legal documents, and other supporting materials.
  • Double-Check Information: Before submission, review your application to ensure all details are accurate, and you have included all required documents. Mistakes or missing information can affect the evaluation of your proposal.
  • Submit Application: Submit your application through the designated channels on the official website. Follow any additional instructions provided during the submission process.
  • Confirmation and Follow-Up: After submission, look for confirmation of receipt. Be prepared for potential requests for additional information or clarification. Respond promptly to any inquiries from the program administrators.

Documentation and Requirements

Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive proposal that includes:

  • Project Overview: Clearly articulate the proposed project’s goals, objectives, and expected impact.
  • Budget: Provide a detailed budget outlining the use of grant funds, ensuring transparency in financial planning.
  • Timeline: Develop a realistic timeline indicating key milestones and the project’s overall duration.
  • Organizational Details: Share essential information about your organization, highlighting relevant experience and capabilities.
  • Partnership Agreements: If applicable, provide documentation confirming partnerships with other organizations, specifying roles and responsibilities.

Tips for Successful Applications

  • Alignment with Program Goals: Ensure your proposal aligns closely with the Men’s Places Grants Program objectives.
  • Community Engagement: Demonstrate community involvement and consultation in the development of your project proposal.
  • Clarity and Transparency: Clearly present your project concept, budget, and expected outcomes, maintaining transparency throughout.
  • Sustainability: Emphasize the long-term impact of your project, showcasing its potential to contribute to sustained community well-being.


The Men’s Places Grants Program in the Northern Territory provides a special opportunity for community groups to enhance men’s well-being. By following the guidelines, meeting eligibility criteria, and using the suggested tips, applicants can improve their chances of getting support to create safe spaces in Northern Territory communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are partnerships with other organizations encouraged?

Indeed, fostering partnerships is encouraged. If applicable, submit documentation that validates partnerships and clearly articulates the roles and responsibilities of each partner involved in the implementation of the project.

What documentation is required during the application process?

Required documents include a comprehensive project proposal, budget details, project timeline, and organizational information. Refer to the program guidelines on the official website for a thorough list of necessary documentation.

How will proposals be evaluated?

Proposals undergo evaluation based on their alignment with program objectives, degree of community engagement, clarity, transparency, and emphasis on sustainability. Review the specific evaluation criteria outlined in the program guidelines for further details.



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