Nintendo Switch Online Adds a Mission and Reward System

Nintendo Switch Online finally Adds a Mission and Reward System. If you have always wanted to earn free items just by using your Nintendo Switch, well you can do that right now. Nintendo Switch Online has added missions that work with my Nintendo platinum points.

Nintendo Switch Online Adds a Mission and Reward System

You can make use of to acquire rewards like new elements for your switch use icon, some digital wallpapers, or probably physical goods like game cases, calendars, and keychains. The individual icon elements seem like they would cost around 10 points each, While the price for physical goods can cost up to hundreds.

Nintendo Switch Online Adds a Mission and Reward System

The new user icon options actually were the major focus of Nintendo’s announcement of the feature that was set this week, most like because you are offered the ability to customize your icon (to an extent) rather than just selecting one from a list. Now you can choose to mix and match character images, backgrounds, and frames to make get a look that is more personalized.

Nintendo also stated that each month would feature different themes and that available elements will be switched out every week. The current themes here in the first few days of March 2022, include Super Mario Odyssey and residents with march birthdays in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Earn

you would be required to check with the Nintendo Switch online app located on your switch in other to see exactly what you are can do in order to acquire points. But basically, the idea here is to use the console like you would on an average day. Some examples of ways that you can use to earn points include playing a game online or trying out a game from one of Switch Online’s libraries of classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Nintendo 64 titles.

Each week, some tasks can be repeated in other to keep on earning more for repeated achievements. Just be sure to check back in with the switch online app once you are done to be sure you have completed the mission properly, otherwise, it could time-out and you would miss your chance. For each mission, the time limit is different.

From this point on, you can make use of this point in the switch online app to purchase icon elements. Finding other kinds of My Nintendo rewards on the app, but you can choose to log right into the My Nintendo website using your switch online account to find every other thing. Or you can choose to scan a QR code from the switch online app to be taken straight to the website instead.


The missions and Rewards for Nintendo Switch online can only be accessed by subscribers of the Switch online Platform, and rewards are only available for individual or family accounts that possess a subscription.


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