NEH Preservation Assistance Grants Preserving Cultural Heritage (Up to $10,000 Grants) – APPLY NOW

The NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are crucial for protecting our cultural heritage. This article examines the grant size, how to apply, who is eligible, and the necessary documentation for institutions seeking help in preserving important collections.

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants
NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

Overview of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are funds offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities, a government organization focused on promoting excellence in the humanities. These grants aim to support the preservation requirements of various institutions that hold humanities collections, such as libraries, archives, museums, and educational establishments.

Objectives of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

The main objective of these grants is to enable organizations to improve their ability to protect and maintain materials that have cultural, historical, and scholarly importance. NEH aims to promote the long-term survival of humanities collections by offering financial assistance and access to preservation knowledge.

Benefits of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants provide financial support to cultural and educational institutions for preserving humanities collections. Other benefits include:

  • The grants cover costs associated with preservation projects, including assessments, training, and planning.
  • Preservation assessments conducted by experts help institutions understand the condition of their collections and develop preservation strategies.
  • Grant recipients have the opportunity to consult with preservation experts recommended by NEH.
  • The grants support staff training initiatives and skill development in areas such as conservation and digital preservation.
  • NEH grants facilitate the development of comprehensive preservation plans tailored to each institution’s needs.
  • Preservation experts provide strategic guidance on prioritizing preservation needs and implementing preventive measures.
  • The grants encourage institutional commitment to preservation and can be used for infrastructure improvements.
  • NEH grants may support digitization projects and the development of public programs to enhance accessibility to cultural materials.
  • NEH Preservation Assistance Grants contribute to the long-term vitality and accessibility of humanities collections.

Grant Amount

The NEH Preservation Assistance Grants offer institutions the necessary resources to meet their preservation needs. Although the grant amount may differ, the maximum award for regular Preservation Assistance Grants is $10,000, which provides vital funding for preservation projects.

Application Process

The application process for NEH Preservation Assistance Grants is as follows:

  • Institutions have the option to submit a Notice of Interest to receive feedback and guidance from NEH program staff. This step is not mandatory but can help refine project ideas.
  • Applicants need to carefully prepare their applications, addressing important components like project significance, preservation plans, and institutional commitment.
  • Completed applications are submitted through the NEH online application system. This online platform simplifies the submission process and ensures that all necessary materials are included.
  • NEH conducts a thorough review of all applications, taking into account factors such as project significance, feasibility, and the impact on preserving humanities collections.
  • Successful applicants receive an award notification, which includes details about the grant amount and any specific conditions or requirements associated with the grant.

Intended Recipients of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are meant for various cultural and educational institutions that are crucial in safeguarding and sharing humanities collections. The eligible recipients consist of:

  • Libraries: Public, academic, research, tribal, school, and special libraries.
  • Archives: Historical societies, museums, colleges, universities, and other institutions with archival collections.
  • Educational Institutions: K-12 schools, colleges, and universities with humanities collections.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are as follows:

  • Nonprofit Status: Institutions must have nonprofit status, showing their dedication to public service and cultural preservation.
  • Humanities Collections: Institutions must possess collections that mainly concentrate on the humanities. These collections can include books, manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings, and other related materials.
  • Preservation Need: The project should target a particular preservation requirement within the institution, improving the long-term maintenance and availability of humanities collections.

Documentation Requirements

The documentation requirements of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants may include:

  • The project narrative is a detailed description of the collection’s importance, preservation needs, and proposed activities.
  • A well-written preservation plan is vital in outlining the steps to protect and care for humanities collections.
  • The budget should provide a detailed breakdown of how grant funds will be used, showing fiscal responsibility and alignment with project goals.
  • Letters of commitment from institutional leaders show support for the project and dedication to its successful execution.
  • Documenting the humanities collections, such as inventories, catalog records, or finding aids, helps evaluate the extent and significance of the materials.

Impact of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants

The NEH Preservation Assistance Grants have a significant impact that goes beyond just financial support. These grants provide the following benefits:

  • Expertise in Preservation: Institutions gain access to preservation experts who ensure that collections are taken care of by knowledgeable professionals.
  • Improved Accessibility: Preserved collections become more accessible to researchers, educators, and the public, promoting a deeper understanding of humanities subjects.
  • Building Capacity: Institutions develop their internal capacity for preservation, allowing them to continue safeguarding collections even after the grant period ends.
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage: By addressing preservation needs, institutions contribute to the cultural resilience of communities, safeguarding the stories and artifacts that shape our shared history.


NEH Preservation Assistance Grants play a crucial role in preserving and safeguarding our cultural heritage by offering financial support, expertise, and resources to institutions, ensuring that humanities collections remain accessible and vibrant for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the NEH Preservation Assistance Grants competitive?

Yes, the NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are competitive. The selection process takes into account factors like project significance, feasibility, and the impact on preserving humanities collections. Successful applications often demonstrate a clear need and commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Can institutions apply again for NEH Preservation Assistance Grants in later years?

Yes, institutions can reapply for NEH Preservation Assistance Grants in subsequent years if they have ongoing preservation needs. Each application is evaluated based on its own merits, and institutions are encouraged to show the continued significance of their preservation projects.

How can institutions show their institutional commitment to preservation in their applications?

Institutional commitment can be demonstrated by highlighting previous preservation efforts, showcasing support from leadership, and outlining plans to integrate preservation practices into the institution’s mission and operations.

Are NEH Preservation Assistance Grants available for international institutions?

NEH Preservation Assistance Grants are primarily intended for U.S. institutions. However, international institutions may explore alternative funding opportunities and collaborations for their preservation needs.



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