National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships 2024 (Up to $2,000 Stipends) | How to Apply Now

The 2024 National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships is accepting applications from early-career journalists with a strong desire to pursue careers in science, health or environmental reporting. This professional development opportunity is provided to early-career journalists by the Association of Health Care Journalists, the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, and the Society of Environmental Journalists. (Get to know last year’s group.)

National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships 2024
National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships 2024

The Reporting Fellowships are intended to help early-career journalists who are pursuing careers in scientific, health, or environmental reporting (or all three) or who have a strong desire to do so. Basic science, evaluating medical research, data analysis, elucidating evidence-based choices, comprehending climate science, and other topics will all be included in the curriculum.

National Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowships – What to Expect

Selected fellows will take part in workshops and other events during the annual conferences of Science Writers (early November 2024), Health Journalism (June 7–10), and Environmental Journalism (April 3–7) during a year.

Fellows will attend bespoke webinars that are arranged all year long to acquire knowledge, contacts, and resources that will enhance their reporting.

Find a professional mentor to work with.

Obtain pre-paid memberships in AHCJ, SEJ, and the National Association of Science Writers.

Engage in peer-to-peer networking on many platforms.

If they are an independent journalist, they will be paid stipends for project support.


The fellowship provides Successful Candidates with the following benefits:

  • Customizes workshops and seminars presented in connection with the yearly conferences organized by AHCJ, SEJ, and CASW/NASW, which cover conference participation, meals, housing, and domestic transport;
  • A range of online gatherings offering chances to hone skills and get news, information, and updates on science, health, medicine, and the environment; these include private breakout talks with instructors and specialists;
  • Two years of AHCJ, SEJ, and NASW membership (new or renewed), provided that all requirements are satisfied;
  • Enrollment in any virtual events that AHCJ, SEJ, or CASW host throughout the program year;
  • Opportunity for mentoring with a senior journalist in a topic area of choice;
  • A personal website where fellows can access training materials, collaborate on reports, and connect;
  • A $2,000 reporting project support grant will be awarded to freelancers upon program completion.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered;

  • Candidates should be early-career working journalists with at least two years of professional experience who are based in the United States and can be either staff or freelance.
  • During the program year, fellows are expected to attend a few training activities. The safety of fellows will always come first, and program administrators will choose whether events will be held in person or digitally depending on the most recent public health issues.
  • Every employer—or, in the case of a freelancer, a news organization that is a consistent client—will be requested to write a reference letter for the candidate. Additionally, employers are requested to guarantee that the fellows will be able to attend all training sessions.
  • Applicants must not be board members or employees of the partner organizations.


Applications must include the following:

  • A cover letter outlining your goals for career growth. Your history in journalism, and your motivation for applying for the fellowship.
  • CV or resume
  • A reference letter from your present workplace outlining the advantages of the fellowship. For both you and the readership of the news organization
  • A letter of recommendation from a regular client or assigning editor attesting to your skills and the benefits of working with you is required of freelance applicants.
  • Two feature articles that were written or broadcast in the previous 12 months.

For more information, Visit the official website at

Application Deadline  

The application deadline is February 23, 2024, at 3 p.m. PT, 5 p.m. CT, and 6 p.m. ET.



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