WISE Prize for Education 2024 (up to $1000000) | How to Apply Now

The application call for the 2024 WISE Prize for Education is now open! Over the past 15 years, many of the global creative education solutions and individuals that have been featured by the WISE Awards and WISE Prize for Education since 2009, have expanded to become even more impactful, have contributed to the work of WISE, expanded to new regions, and more.

WISE Prize for Education 2024
WISE Prize for Education 2024

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser’s ambition to elevate participants in the sphere of education is the source of the legacy of the WISE Awards and WISE Prize for Education.

As a single project, WISE is introducing the next generation of the WISE Prize for the 2024 cohort and selecting a group of finalists to compete. WISE will identify groups tackling new challenges and offer support through mentorship and capacity building.

WISE Prize for Education 2024 Details

During a year, the selected finalists for this version of the WISE Prize will collaborate to develop solutions that tackle one of the following major challenges in education:

  • Enhancing Arabic language teaching: Provide a way to make Arabic language instruction, acquisition, and usage more successful.
  • Accelerating foundational literacies: To improve fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities, especially in locations with limited resources, develop a tailored learning tool.
  • Tackling challenges in AI: Create a technology-driven intervention to give young people the tools they need to deal with issues like bias and misinformation that are becoming more prevalent in an A.I.-driven market and society.

Benefits of the WISE Prize for Education

  • Organizations provide a proposal to deal with one of the three challenges facing education.
  • A comprehensive due diligence procedure is followed by a shortlist of applicants.
  • About 4-6 finalists will be selected by a panel of specialists in education
  • Over a 12-month timeframe, the finalists create an educational solution.
  • A $100k to USD 150k financial contribution was made to help with the solution’s development.
  • Mentorship opportunity to promote the creation of solutions
  • Team members’ access to capacity-building
  • WISE’s progress tracking and assistance
  • At the 2025 WISE Summit, a USD 1 million Prize will be given out.

Eligibility Requirements for WISE Prize for Education

The WISE Prize for Education welcomes applications from:

  • Organizations that are legally registered, include colleges, universities, academic networks, schools, civil society, community organizations, governments, international agencies, private-sector companies and non-profit entities working in the field of education.
  • Participating organizations must have been in operation for at least a year.
  • Applications are accepted from representatives of all educational sectors, including preschool, elementary, secondary, tertiary, EdTech, higher education, vocational training, special needs education, informal learning, lifelong learning, and more.
  • All applications should be submitted by a representative involved in the project and must be for original works and projects.
  • Therefore, all applicants must attest that the initiative was started by them or their organization, and they must release WISE from all liability arising from any third-party action or claim about the project they submitted.

How to Apply

Prospective Candidates should Go to WISE at https://wise-qatar.awardsplatform.com/ to apply

For more details, kindly visit WISE website at https://wise-qatar.awardsplatform.com/


  • Applications must be submitted by March 15, 2024, at 17:00 GMT.
  • A due diligence procedure will be applied to a shortlist of projects. April to August of 2024
  • Shortlisted proposals will be reviewed by the external committee.
  • A set of finalists will be unveiled. October of 2024
  • The period of solution development, assistance, and mentoring is November 2024–November 2025.
  • The $1 million Prize will be given out during the WISE Summit in 2025.



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