MTN Group Appoints Mike Silber as Group Executive Regulatory

MTN Group has announced the appointment of Mike Silber as Group Executive Regulatory, effective April 2024. Silber joins MTN from Liquid Telecom, where he served as Group Chief Regulatory Officer for five years.

MTN Group Appoints Mike Silber as Group Executive
MTN Group Appoints Mike Silber as Group Executive

MTN Group Appoints Mike Silber as Group Executive Regulatory

With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Silber brings a wealth of legal, policy, and regulatory expertise to MTN.

He holds B Proc and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand and has served on the boards of industry bodies such as the Internet Service Providers’ Association South Africa and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Additionally, he is an associate of the LINK Centre at Wits.

During his tenure at Liquid Telecom, Silber played a crucial role in the development and expansion of Africa’s most extensive cross-border fibre network and the continent’s largest networked data centre operation.

MTN emphasizes Silber’s commitment to enhancing Africa’s digital landscape and his ability to navigate complex legal, policy, and regulatory challenges to drive business success and improve connectivity.

Digital Connections within Africa and Globally

Lele Modise, MTN Group Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, expressed confidence in Silber’s appointment, citing his extensive background and leadership in legal and regulatory matters across Africa and beyond.

Modise highlighted Silber’s passion for advancing digital connections within Africa and globally, aligning with MTN’s purpose.

Silber’s appointment underscores MTN’s commitment to regulatory compliance and fostering digital connectivity in Africa.

His expertise is expected to contribute significantly to MTN’s regulatory strategy and initiatives in the region.



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