Microsoft Employees to Keep Free Access To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft employees to keep free access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate after their complaints. Employees of Microsoft have reportedly had access to free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for many years, and it was reportedly due to be taken away in January before several complaints reverted the decision.

Microsoft Employees Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft Employees Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft was planning to take away a free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefit for many of its 238,000 employees in next year January, but the firm is now reversing that very decision following complaints from employees. The Verge yesterday reported that employees of Microsoft had expressed objections in regards to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefit being taken away in the coming, with Xbox chief Phil Spencer personally looking into the decision and situation.

Spencer’s Full Message to Microsoft Employees

Spencer right now has confirmed that the decision in question will be reversed and that employees of Microsoft will keep the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefit. And here is the full message of Spencer to Microsoft employees on the internal Viva platform of the company:

“After looking into this more with the team, I just want to confirm that no change will be made to Game Pass availability in 2024. If you have access to the Game Pass offer today you will continue to have access. I appreciate the time to get up to speed and sorry for the questions and confusion created. And thanks for supporting Xbox.”

What the Reversal Means For Microsoft Employees

The reversal here simply means the employees of Microsoft continue to have free access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which they have reportedly had since the subscription option was launched back in 2019. Employees of Microsoft have long enjoyed access to Xbox subscriptions, completely free of charge, with Xbox Live Gold available as a benefit to employees for years prior to this.

The Reason for the Swift Change

It is still not immediately clear as to why Microsoft had decided to remove the benefit initially, but it however appears to be more of a benefits / HR decision since Spencer was not aware that it was planned and therefore quickly moved to reverse the change.



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