Meta’s 2Africa Cable a Boon to African Economy

Meta anticipates a significant economic boost for Africa with the launch of the 2Africa cable in the first quarter of 2025, projecting an increase of US$37 billion in African economic activity within “two or three years” post-landing.

Meta's 2Africa Cable a Boon to African Economies
Meta’s 2Africa Cable a Boon to African Economies

Meta’s 2Africa Cable a Boon to African Economy

During a meeting with Nigerian President Bola Tinubu at the State House in Abuja, Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, shared this prediction.

The Meta-led pan-African 2Africa subsea cable will feature two landing points in Nigeria: Akwa Ibom and Lagos.

Bayobab (previously MTN GlobalConnect) facilitated the cable’s landing in Lagos’ Lekki, while Equinix-owned MainOne facilitated the landing in Akwa Ibom State. Stretching across 45,000 km, 2Africa ranks as the world’s longest undersea cable, connecting 33 countries with 46 landing points across Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Clegg emphasized the significance of this infrastructure project, stating, “We’ve invested so much in by far the world’s most powerful and extensive subsea cable to Africa with two landing points here in Nigeria, which wouldn’t have happened without the help of the President and his team.”

Broader Impact Beyond Cables

He highlighted the broader impact beyond cables, stressing the importance of digital literacy and enhancing the use of digital tools, especially for small businesses. Clegg expressed Meta’s commitment to aligning its digital programs with President Tinubu’s vision for Nigeria’s digital economy.

Furthermore, he discussed upcoming developments, stating, “New tools will become available to creators in Nigeria between now and the summer so that they can earn a living… We’re tremendously excited.”

Additionally, Clegg mentioned Meta’s AI advancements, emphasizing the company’s open-source approach to AI technology, which enables broader accessibility for researchers, developers, and businesses globally, including those in Nigeria.

Benefits of Meta’s Collaboration in Economic Growth

Meta’s collaboration with Nigeria underscores its commitment to driving digital transformation and economic growth across Africa.

Through initiatives like the 2Africa cable and advancements in digital tools and AI, Meta aims to empower individuals and businesses, contributing to Nigeria’s and Africa’s broader socioeconomic development.



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