British Academy 2024 International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers | Apply Now!

The British Academy, known for advancing humanities and social sciences, introduced the International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers in 2024.

International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers.
International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers.

This opportunity invites promising scholars globally to enhance their research and contribute to the academic landscape. Here’s a detailed guide to these fellowships, covering essential information to assist potential applicants.


Submit your application for the 2024 International Fellowships by [13 March 2024]. Early submission is recommended to ensure a smooth process and avoid last-minute complications.

Funding amount

The International Fellowships offer support for two years and the award is offered at 80% FEC. Applicants may apply for research expenses of up to £12,000 and relocation costs of up to £8,000.


Here are some key advantages:

  • Financial Support:

Successful candidates receive financial assistance through stipends, research allowances, and travel funds. This support helps alleviate economic challenges faced by early career researchers, enabling them to concentrate on their research endeavors.

  • Access to Resources:

Fellows can access various academic resources, including libraries, archives, and databases affiliated with the British Academy. This access enhances the quality and depth of their research, creating a conducive environment for intellectual exploration.

  • Networking Opportunities:

The fellowship establishes a platform for early career researchers to connect with established scholars, peers, and professionals in their respective fields. Networking opportunities may involve workshops, conferences, and collaborative initiatives, fostering valuable connections within the academic community.

  • Academic Growth:

With mentorship and support, fellows experience academic development by engaging with experts in their field. The fellowship provides an environment conducive to intellectual exchange and the development of critical research skills.

  • International Exposure:

The British Academy’s global focus exposes fellows to opportunities for international collaboration. This exposure can result in cross-cultural partnerships, expanding the scope of their research and fostering a deeper understanding of international perspectives.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for British Academy 2024 International Fellowships:

  • Early Career Researchers:

Applicants must fall within the early stages of their academic careers, typically within eight years of completing their doctoral studies. This criterion aims to support scholars as they embark on their academic journeys.

  • Research Excellence:

Candidates must showcase excellence in their research field. The British Academy is looking for individuals with promising research potential and a commitment to advancing knowledge in humanities and social sciences.

  • Alignment with Mission:

Proposed research projects must align with the mission and objectives of the British Academy. The fellowship aims to support projects that make meaningful contributions to the advancement of humanities and social sciences.

  • Global Focus:

The fellowships welcome researchers from around the world, highlighting the British Academy’s dedication to international collaboration and diversity.


  • Previous Significant Funding:

Individuals who have already secured substantial funding for the proposed research project may be ineligible. The British Academy typically seeks to support projects that require additional financial assistance.

  • Non-Compliance with Early Career Researcher Criteria:

Applicants exceeding the stipulated eight years post-doctorate and not meeting the criteria for early career researchers may be considered ineligible.

  • Misalignment with Fellowship Guidelines:

Failure to adhere to the specific guidelines outlined for the 2024 International Fellowships may result in ineligibility. Applicants should carefully review and follow all instructions provided by the British Academy.

  • Non-Alignment with Research Mission:

If the proposed research project does not align with the overarching mission of the British Academy, it may be deemed ineligible for the fellowship.

  • Non-Submission by Deadline:

Failure to submit the application by the specified deadline could render an applicant ineligible. The British Academy typically strictly adheres to submission timelines.

How to Apply

How to Apply for British Academy 2024 International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Begin by going to the dedicated 2024 International Fellowships section on the official British Academy website. You can find the specific web address on the main British Academy website or through a search engine.

  • Review Guidelines:

Read the guidelines available on the website carefully. Pay attention to eligibility criteria, required documentation, and deadlines.

  • Prepare Application Materials:

Collect all necessary application materials, including a well-crafted research proposal, curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, and a detailed budget. Ensure that these documents meet the fellowship’s requirements.

  • Complete the Application Form:

Find and fill out the official application form on the website. Provide accurate and up-to-date information as required.

  • Upload Documentation:

Follow the instructions to upload the necessary documentation onto the online application portal. Make sure all files are correctly formatted and adhere to the specified criteria.

  • Submit Application:

Once you’ve uploaded all required materials and completed the application form, submit your application through the designated online submission system on the official website.

  • Confirmation and Tracking:

After submission, confirm that you receive an acknowledgement or confirmation of your application. Some systems offer tracking features to monitor your application’s status.

  • Application Deadline:

Keep the application deadline in mind. Submit your application well in advance to avoid any last-minute technical issues or complications.

  • Contact for Assistance:

If you encounter difficulties during the application process, check the website for contact information. The British Academy often provides details for inquiries or assistance.

  • Stay Informed:

Regularly check the official website or any communication channels provided for updates on your application status, additional information, or announcements.

Documentation and Requirements:

Documentation and Requirements for British Academy 2024 International Fellowships for Early Career Researchers:

  • Research Proposal:

Craft a clear research proposal outlining the objectives, methodology, and significance of your proposed research project. Articulate how your project aligns with the mission of the British Academy.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Provide an updated curriculum vitae highlighting your academic qualifications, research experience, publications, and relevant achievements. Ensure accuracy and completeness.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

Include strong letters of recommendation from reputable scholars who can affirm the significance and feasibility of your research. Emphasize your potential as an early career researcher in these letters.

  • Detailed Budget:

Submit a detailed budget outlining how you plan to use the fellowship funds. Justify each expenditure, demonstrating effective and efficient use of the financial support provided.

  • Academic Transcripts:

Include official transcripts from your doctoral studies, showcasing your academic performance and achievements. Ensure that these transcripts are current and comprehensive.

  • Proof of Early Career Status:

Provide evidence confirming your status as an early career researcher, typically within eight years of completing your doctoral studies. This may include official documents or certificates.

  • Proof of Global Focus:

Demonstrate how your research project aligns with the global focus of the British Academy. Showcase potential international collaborations and explain how your work contributes to a broader, international academic perspective.

  • Application Form:

Complete the official application form available on the British Academy’s website. Fill in all sections accurately and in accordance with the provided instructions.

  • Language Proficiency (if applicable):

If your research involves languages other than English, provide evidence of language proficiency as required. This may include language test scores or certifications.

  • Compliance with Guidelines:

Adhere to all guidelines outlined for the 2024 International Fellowships. Non-compliance with specific requirements may affect the eligibility of your application.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Clarity and Conciseness:

Clearly state your research objectives and methodology, avoiding unnecessary jargon.

  • Alignment with British Academy’s Mission:

Ensure your project aligns with the Academy’s values and contributes to the advancement of humanities and social sciences.

  • Strong Letters of Recommendation:

Obtain recommendations from reputable scholars who can attest to the significance and feasibility of your research.

  • Budget Justification:

Provide a well-justified budget, demonstrating effective and efficient fund utilization.

conclusion:The British Academy 2024 International Fellowships offer a valuable opportunity for early career researchers to advance in their academic journeys. Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the guidelines thoroughly, prepare a compelling application, and submit by the specified deadline. These fellowships not only offer financial support but also foster a community of scholars dedicated to advancing knowledge in humanities and social sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fellowship duration?

The fellowship typically lasts 6 to 12 months, enabling researchers to delve into their work at an international institution.

Are there specific focus areas for research proposals?

While there’s no strict restriction on topics, proposals should align with the humanities and social sciences, showcasing potential contributions to knowledge.



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