How to Borrow Money From Opay on iPhone

Opay is a leading fin-tech company that provides online banking services in Nigeria, through their app, (it works on Android and Apple), you can carry out many financial services like borrowing money. However, for us to understand better this post, will offer you information on How to Borrow Money From Opay on iPhone.

How to Borrow Money From Opay on iPhone
How to Borrow Money From Opay on iPhone

Once you register with Opay, you can send and receive money from friends, save money with them, buy airtime, pay bills, and get free daily cashback on the app. Another service that Opay offers is allowing users to borrow money. As a user, Opay allows you to borrow money (with your phone) from trusted lenders on its platform without collateral or a guarantor.

How Does Opay Borrowing Work?

Opay operates as a middleman in the loan sector rather than being a standalone loan provider. That is to say; instead of originating loans, they host various loan companies within its platform, which allows its users to secure collateral-free instant loans.

Through this service, you will get loans from other companies that are in partnership with Opay. Your gain? The loans are of low-interest rate, you don’t need collateral to get the loan, Opay already stands in between. Everybody wins.

The loan process is simple; you just need to be a verified user with an active account on the Opay platform. If you have been an inactive user or one who barely transacts on the platform, you may be required to provide other additional information before your loan application is approved.

Who is Eligible for an Opay Loan?

To be eligible for a loan on Opay, you must:

  • Be a verified Opay user
  • Have a valid means of identification like a National identity card, voter’s card, driver’s license, or international passport.
  • Provide your BVN on the Opay platform
  • Be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Your Opay account must be active.

If you meet all of these requirements, then you are eligible to borrow on the Opay platform.

How to Borrow Money From Opay on an iPhone

If you are an iPhone user who wishes to borrow on Oapy, go to the App Store, search for “OPay,” and download the app.

Install and set up the OPay app

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “OPay.”
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your OPay account. During the setup process, make sure you provide accurate personal information.

Verify your identity

For security reasons and to comply with regulatory requirements, OPay will ask you to verify your identity. To do this, you need to submit identification documents.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the profile or settings section of the OPay app.
  • Look for the option to verify your identity.
  • Follow the prompts to submit the required documents, which include a photo of your ID or any other identification materials.

Link Your Bank Account

To make the borrowing and repayments easier, link your bank account to your OPay account. This part is not a “must”. You can receive the money through your Opay account and send it to any other bank account you want to send the money to:

  • In the app, go to the settings or financial settings section.
  • Look for an option like “Link Bank Account” and follow the steps to add your bank details securely.

Go to Finance

Once your account is set up and verified, it’s time to borrow. The borrow option works better if you are a regular Opay user.

  • Open the OPay app.
  • Look for the “Finance section” and select “Loan”.
  • Select a loan provider from the available list.
  • Fill out the loan application form, make sure you provide accurate information about you.
  • Enter the amount you want – it should be between your limit.
  • Review the details of the loan.

Review the Terms and Conditions

Before submitting your loan request, you need to carefully review the terms and conditions, and check the interest rates, repayment date, and amount. Make sure you understand the terms.

Submit Your Loan Request

Once you’re comfortable with the terms, proceed to submit your loan application:

  • Follow the prompts to submit your loan request.
  • Wait for the app to process your application. This usually takes a few minutes.

Receive Approval and Disbursement

If your loan application is approved, the funds will be disbursed to your linked bank account or Opay account:

  1. You will receive a notification regarding the approval status.
  2. Check your linked bank account for the disbursed funds.

That’s all, you have successfully borrowed from your Opay app using your iPhone. After receiving the loan, below is how to repay it.

How to Repay Opay Loan 

Repaying your OPay loan is a simple process and it’s important you repay before the due date, it shows you are a responsible borrower. To repay your loan, follow any of the methods below.

Auto-debit from linked bank account

If you linked your bank account during the borrowing process, OPay will automatically withdraw the loan amount and any accrued interest on the agreed-upon repayment date. To make this possible, make sure that your linked bank account has sufficient funds on the due date.

In-app repayment

Aside from using a linked bank account, you can also repay through your Opay app. To do this, go to the loan or repayment section within the OPay app. Follow the prompts to select the loan you want to repay, enter the repayment amount, and confirm the transaction.

Bank Transfer

You can also repay your Opay loan through bank transfer. This method is suitable if you prefer more control over the repayment process.

Use your banking app or visit your bank to initiate a transfer to the provided OPay account details. Make sure you include your loan reference or other necessary details in the transfer description.

Agent/Partner Outlets

OPay has a network of agents and partner outlets where you can make your loan repayments in person. Simply locate a nearby OPay agent or partner outlet, provide your OPay account details and the loan reference, and make the repayment in cash or using other accepted payment methods at the outlet.

That’s all, now you can borrow and repay your loan on Opay without stress.

If you are an active Opay user, you can use your iPhone to borrow money from Opay and pay it back on or before the due date. If you encounter any issues or have questions, OPay’s customer support is there to assist you. If you can’t reach them online, you can visit any of their outlets to get answers to your questions.



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