How Much Is Calm For Business?

How Much Is Calm For Business?. Do you want to increase your employee’s happiness and reduce stress? Are you tired of not getting enough sleep and also reducing anxiety? If you agree to the above questions, then you should explore this article!

How Much Is Calm For Business?

How Much Is Calm For Business?

Based in San Francisco, California, Calm is a software company that helps to produce meditation products, it also includes some guided meditations and Sleep Stories. Calm software was created on May 4, 2012, by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. In November 2014, Tamara Levitt became the Head of Mindfulness and subsequently became the app’s main narrator.

Clam as a company generated over $20 million in revenue in 2017 and reached an annual revenue run rate of $75 million. In February 2019, the company was valued at $1 Billion and had raised $116 million, these were made possible with contributions from existing investors, including Insight Venture Partners, Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, and Creative Artists Agency.

Calm Products

The software (Calm) as mentioned above produces meditation products, with guided meditations, books, narrated Sleep Stories, health and meditation videos. However, the company’s primary product is the meditation app, and it’s available on iPhone and Android devices.

Merits Of Calm

  • The app has an easy-to-use interface
  • You get to enjoy sleep stories recorded by celebrities, like Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey, and Bob Ross
  • The app is regularly updated
  • The software has the ability to track basic statistics, like the number of consecutive days used, minutes meditated, and number of sessions
  • You get to receive meditation reminders sent to your phone or tablet
  • It has a kid-friendly interface
  • The masterclasses are taught by experts in the wellness field
  • It comes with real-life visuals and nature sounds


  • The user is unable to add “friends” on the app
  • Nature sounds can be distracting to some
  • The sleep stories product is too long for some users
  • Calm Body has limited offerings

Cost Of Calm App

Let’s see how much a Calm app cost but first, the app has a free version and a paid version.

  • Free Version

The Calm app is built on a free model without purchase, users get to access: daily meditations, breathing exercises, a mood tracker, select sleep stories, several music tracks, guided meditations.

The app comes with a seven days free trial which unlocks over a hundred guided meditations,  sleep story library, exclusive musical tracks for sleep and relaxation, and masterclasses led by experts.

  • Paid Version

We earlier stated that the free trial lasts for seven days after which it ends. Then subsequently, to have access to the full library is $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year. However, your full payment for the year will give you the opportunity to pay just $5.83 per month.

Calm App For Business

The calm app will be very effective for business, employers can utilize the app to ensure the well-being of employees. Usually, for every team of Five or more individuals,  Calm offers a 15% discount. There is also an offer for a lifetime membership for $399.99.

How Does Calm Work?

Once the app is accessed, you will welcome to take a few deep breaths. After that, a brief pop-up alert on your would require you to select why you visited the app before it offers recommendations based on your objectives. There are other questions that you’re likely going to see when you access the app, questions like “Are you looking to increase your happiness or reduce stress?”,  “Do  you want to get better sleep or reduce anxiety?”

Please note that Calm does not focus on religious or spiritual themes, but rather on mindfulness-based stress reduction, using the program to teach people how to use their innate resources to help manage stress and pain.


What is actually the difference between a Team subscription from a regular Calm subscription?

With Calm, teams have the ability to purchase Calm for groups of five to a hundred at a discounted rate. When you purchase Calm for your group through Calm Teams, each member of your organization will receive access to the full content of the Calm product. It also provides the same in-app experience as an individually purchased subscription to Calm Premium.

What is the difference between Calm for Teams and purchasing Calm for Business?

It’s very simple to understand, teams is a Calm for Business product offered to organizations between 5 and 100 members. The Teams option offers a self-serve experience where a Team’s Admin is able to manage the members of the Team and the subscription details from within their Team’s Calm Partner Portal. While Calm for Business is for organizations with over 100 covered lives.

What is the cost of a team’s product?

Teams product plan cost depends on the number of covered lives you hope to purchase, when you Purchase more, it will lead to a larger discount offer even though pricing is specific to your Team’s size,m. Below are estimated as guidance:

For 10 seats: $566.40 (19% discount)

For 25 seats: $1,315.50 (25% discount)

For 50 seats: $2,258.00 (35% discount)

For 75 seats: $2,869.50 (45% discount)

For 100 seats: $3,080.00 (56% discount)

  • Can the Calm product be tested before I purchase it for my organization?

Amazingly, you have the opportunity to explore Calm Premium for 7 days. For more questions, kindly reach out to the Support team at


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