Google is rolling Out Wear OS 4 to the Original Pixel Watch

Google has announced the rollout of Wear OS 4 to its first Pixel Watch, with the update becoming available today and continuing to be released “over the coming weeks” depending on your carrier and device.

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Google is Rolling Out Wear OS 4 to the Original Pixel Watch

The Wear OS 4 update for the Pixel Watch introduces several new features, including the Google Calendar app. Improved accessibility features, enhanced notifications, and the Safety Check feature. This feature prompts users to confirm their safety after a specified time, and if there’s no response. The watch will automatically notify emergency contacts.

Additionally, Wear OS 4 allows for data transfer to a new phone without a factory reset and offers a backup solution for data and settings when upgrading to a new Pixel Watch. However, it’s worth noting that the Safety Signal feature, which connects the watch to an LTE network for emergency features, is not mentioned in the announcement for the original Pixel Watch.

Google recently unveiled the Pixel Watch 2, which offers improved performance, more sensors, and better battery life compared to its predecessor. It also charges faster, but the original Pixel Watch has experienced a slower estimated charging speed following a firmware update.

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