iOS and Windows Receive Xbox Cloud Streaming with Some Upgrades

iOS and Windows would receive Xbox Cloud streaming with some upgrades included in it. Some big announcements were recently made about Xbox Game Pass ultimate’s cloud streaming service.

iOS and Windows Receive Xbox Cloud Streaming with Some Upgrades

For all Starters, the Xbox cloud Streaming would be coming out to more groups of subscribers starting from today. While that remains to be a piece of major news on its own. Microsoft also talked about the huge upgrade to make it cloud streaming a data center.

iOS and Windows Receive Xbox Cloud Streaming with Some Upgrades

Microsoft specifically announced recently that the Xbox Cloud streaming would be available to all the members that are on windows 10 PCs and Apple devices. The device that you are making use of does not matter as long as you are accessing Microsoft’s Cloud gaming library via the web browser.

All that is required of you to do is to go to in Edge, Chrome, or Safari and start playing (after you finally log right into an account making use of an active Xbox Game Pass ultimate subscription, that is).

Xbox Cloud Streaming Rollout

This rollout has been on its way for quite some time. And while streaming via a mobile browser might just be less preferable to playing via the app. This happens to be one of the best for Microsoft to acquire the Xbox Cloud Streaming on iPhone. All thanks to some rather strict rules that Apple has put in place right on the App Store on iOS.

Microsoft happens to have been indicating for a long time that it intended to deliver browser-based streaming on iOS. And now after some beta testing has been done, the finished product has arrived.

On top of this announcement, Microsoft also happens to reveal that they would be upgrading its Xbox Cloud Streaming datacenters with Xbox Series X consoles. “We’ve recently been upgrading the Microsoft Datacenters all around the world. With the fastest, most powerful Xbox hardware to offer you much faster load times, improved frame rates, and an amazing new experience of a new generation of gaming,”. This was stated in Microsoft’s post to Xbox Wire.

Xbox Cloud Streaming 4k

Does this mean that we would be able to stream games in 4K? Not so fast. And Microsoft also stated that in order to “ensure the lowest latency. They had to ensure the highest quality experience through the broadest set of devices.”

Xbox Cloud streaming would be limited to a resolution of max 1080p and framerates of up to around frames per second. If you want to game in 4K, you would be requiring to go pick up an Xbox Series X yourself.


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