Sharing Reportedly Comes to Android’s Digital Car Key Feature

Sharing reportedly comes to Android’s digital car key feature. This development is coming as one of the main benefits of making use of a phone as your car key soon will be coming to certain selected android devices.

Sharing Reportedly Comes to Android’s Digital Car Key Feature

Sharing Reportedly Comes to Android’s Digital Car Key Feature

Google launched its Digital Car Key feature on select Android 12 phones in the previous year, thus allowing car owners to unlock and start supported vehicles automatically with the phone in their pocket with no form of key fob required. Google announced that key sharing with friends and family members is being added to the automotive authentication technology on Thursday.

Benefits of Android’s Digital Car Key Feature

Imagine being able to lend your SUV’s keys to a family member for an afternoon Costco run without having to figure out the logistics of getting a physical fob to them, and then revoking access with just the touch of a button at the end of the day. The ability to share instantly and immediately (and revoke) access to a car is one of the greatest advantages which is promised by phone-as-key technology.

Devices Running Android 12 and Newer Will Be Able To Share Digital Car Key

According to a post full of android updates on Google’s blog, a number of selected devices running android 12 and newer will be able to share digital Car Key access with both friends and family members. Keys can easily be shared to both pixel and iPhone devices that are compatible, owners also will be able to manage various and multiple Digital Car Keys and then assign views and even change which users get to have access to the vehicle in the digital wallet app on their own device.

Android and Google Rollouts Coming Soon

When it comes to android and Google rollouts, “soon” is a particular nebulous launch window. We are still waiting on that huge android auto split-screen redesign to come out of beta, but present android Digital Car Key users should be focused on an update in the nearest future.


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