Apple Gives Its AR/VR Software a Real Name According To Reports

Apple gives its AR/VR software a real name according to reports. With that being said, the name of the new operating system could confirm to us the direction of the AR/VR headsets by apple.

Apple Gives Its AR/VR Software a Real Name According To Reports

Apple Gives Its AR/VR Software a Real Name According To Reports

Apple reportedly has renamed its software that runs its upcoming augmented reality and virtual reality headset in anticipation of the potential next year’s release of the product.

And while the OS had been named realityOS internally, it is now being switched to “xrOS,” Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported on Thursday. This could easily reflect the focus of the headset on extended reality (XR) which encompasses both VR and AR.

What Embracing “xrOS” As a Name Means         

Embracing “xrOS” also would be a departure from what looks like a broad naming convention, as trademarks had shown up with product-sounding names such as Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor. The new report from Bloomberg notes that a new shell corporation known as Deep Dive has filed trademarks for “xrOS” in various countries and it also is in the process of securing the name in the United States. Both cases however could be true: the operating system could have been renamed, but the Reality brand also could continue as the headset series name.

A previous Report from Bloomberg Suggested an Internal Disagreement within Apple as To Developing Separate Headsets

While a previous report from Bloomberg suggested internal disagreement within Apple on whether to develop separate AR and VR headsets, the new name “xrOS” fits more with recent rumors that a mixed-reality headset is on its way.

Rumor Suggests Apple’s First Headset Could Be Pricey

But whichever the case may be, Apple’s first headset could be pricey as a rumor last year suggested that the company’s first VR headset would be “far more expensive” than other VR products that come in just under $900 — though it’s still unclear if it would be more exorbitantly priced than the $1,500 Meta Quest Pro.



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