Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for $129 in This Black Friday Deal

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for $129 in this Black Friday deal. This watch has got everything I need, I don’t know about you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Black Friday Deal

But well, if you are on the lookout for an Android smartwatch but really don’t need all of the latest as well as the greatest in the market currently, then you should grab this one that is currently on sale.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Black Friday Deal

A good smartwatch is one that solves a lot more problems than it creates. I really needed a way to check my notifications hands-free when my phone is out of my reach, easily answer (or screen) my calls, and then control whatever music or audiobook that I’m currently obsessed with.

One excellent way of not breaking the bank when purchasing tech is selecting a previous version of a current device such as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm), which is on significant sale during Black Friday.

Price and Availability of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is 35% off on Amazon at the moment for $129 in the pink-gold color option, which is reportedly down from its normal $200 price tag. The smartwatch looks almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which as you should know only added small improvements to the Watch 4.

Specs and Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Sure, this device is not the latest model of the Samsung Watch as that in question would be the just newly announced Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. But it however still has all of the main features that I need, and this is including ECG, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, and Google integration for many things as well as Samsung Health.

I may not be a fitness fanatic, so I really don’t need all of the latest tracking features, or even the improved battery life on the other hand as well as the bigger screen size of the Watch 6 40mm, which sells for around $300. The Galaxy Watch 4 in question has the fitness tracking that I need without being overly complex in any way. (the device in question also has advanced workout tracking for six modes which is inclusive of running, rowing as well as swimming, if it is that you like those auto-detected tracking features.)

One Drawback to the Smartwatch

One caveat with this device is that some people have complained that their battery has been depleting swiftly lately. Samsung however has advice on just how to run a diagnostic on your watch and then remedy the said issue.



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