Big Discount on PS5 Compatible WD Black 4TB SSD This Black Friday Week

Big discount on PS5 compatible WD black 4TB SSD this Black Friday week. With this very black Friday deal, you can easily supercharge your PS5 storage with this very fast SSD at a really low price.

PS5 Compatible WD Black 4TB SSD Black Friday

PS5 Compatible WD Black 4TB SSD Black Friday

With video games being a hot topic and product this Black Friday, we should not forget as to how much space games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 take up on your PS5 (235 GBs!). For players and gamers alike who are looking to have a wide library of titles on their PS5 without having to ever delete games just to download newly available ones, an SSD upgrade as you should know is a must.

Why You Should Get In On This Offer Now

Fortunately, there is a deal currently on the WD_Black SN850X 4TB NVMe SSD. The deal in question is available on Amazon, Best Buy, as well as the WD store for just $230. This deal will give you a savings of $60. And based on our research, the price tag of the 4TB SN850X does not go lower than this. Or, at least it has not yet or so far.

You should however note, that it is recommended to install a heatsink in a bid to help dissipate some heat when made use of on a PS5. Fortunately, heatsinks, such as this one by QIVYNSRY are very cheap, and only coming in at $9.

Other PS5 Black Friday Deals and Offers

Being able to add a whole lot more of storage to your PS5 is great, but though not cheap. Any savings that you can get on Black Friday is an excellent saving, and if it is that you have not yet bought the console to go with the memory yet, you should do well to check out our PS5 Black Friday deals as well.



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