Why You Need to Change Your Privacy Settings on PS5

Why You Need to Change Your Privacy Settings on PS5 is one important topic that needs to be addressed. One of the most important things that you can do after setting up a new device using online functionality is for you to adjust the privacy settings.

Why You Need to Change Your Privacy Settings on PS5

It is very important for smartphones and pretty much very essential for computers, but don’t overlook your gaming consoles either.

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What are Privacy Settings on PS5?

On your PlayStation 5, explore the privacy options on your PS5, head to settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy, and there you would find a list of the settings determining what you would want to share with other players.

Why You Need to Change Your Privacy Settings on PS5

Whether you are choosing just how much or little you would want to make yourself available to random strangers that are on the internet or setting up an account for a much younger user, also it is worth it that you spend some time on it. Otherwise, you also could find yourself receiving an unexpected message from mistyped addresses, random trolling, or even somebody that angry at you because you beat them in a match.

Normally, People are not supposed to do that, but unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, so prevention should be your very first step when it comes to dealing with these kinds of issues. Fortunately, it is fairly easy for you to control just who you want to contact or even see you in the first place on your PlayStation 5.

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How Do I Change My PS5 Privacy Settings?

First, launch the settings menu on your PS5, then select the Users and Account > Privacy > View and Customize your Privacy Settings. First, have it in mind that children would be able to make use of their family manager to select a privacy profile for themselves, but they would not be able to change their profile once they have created their account. A parent or guardian can adjust these settings for them later, however.

Once you have entered the privacy settings, you would be given four different profiles preset to select from:

  • Social and Open: Everyone can see your public profile information, and your friend requests and messages are open to everyone. It the Ideal if you do not have any privacy concerns and prefer more of a free-wheeling online social presence.
  • Team Player: Anybody would be able to see most of your public profile details, but chat requests are limited to your friends or friends. This is for all those that want a little more control over who can reach out to them, but do not want to hide their account entirely.
  • Friend Focused: Limits profile view and chat requests to the users that you are already friends with or add as friends. Probably the best choice if you prefer to interact online with the people that you know and nobody else.
  • Solo and Focused: Absolutely nobody, not even your friends would be able to look at your profile or even send you to chat invites. Select this one if you generally just want to be alone when making use of your console.

If these profile does not fit your needs entirely, you can also go in and manually adjust the individual settings – like whether or not your account would pop up in the search in other to fine-tune it to the way you like.

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Why Does my PlayStation Keep Saying Error Occurred?

Users that received the “an error has occurred” PS4 sign-in error have fixed it by simply logging in to their account on a different PS4 console. If you have a different console or know somebody who does, you can make of that.

What Happens if my PS5 is Stolen?

One of the most important first steps here is for you to contact local law enforcement and then file a police report. This would give the police the right to go in and retrieve your stolen console once it has been tracked.

Can People See my Real Name PS5?

Right after the real name is accepted, you can see each other’s real names and profile pictures. Also, you can choose to follow players without sending them a friend request. Select “Follow” on the profile screen of the player that you would like to follow.

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